TODAY   |  November 25, 2013

Amazon on ‘naughty’ list after hiking shipping costs

See which companies deserve your business this holiday season as Tod Marks of Consumer Reports presents the annual “Naughty or Nice” company list.

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>>> who is on santa's naughty or nice list? aren't we all? we do know which companies are featured in consumer reports annual holiday report card . good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah.

>> to be clear, the companies we're about to name, this is not about their policies in general. these are policies that are either naughty or nice .

>> it's not a ratings or judgment of the company at a ho whole. it's just at a time when buyers are more vulnerable.

>> some got back to us and some didn't. you put amazon, one of the biggest retailers in the world, why?

>> they raised the minute numb from $25 to $35 at a time when a lot of people are going to be buying. it's up $10. amazon points out they have not raised their shipping rates in many, many years and also said fast free shipping is not a holiday promotion. let's get to best buy . you give them a naughty -- put them on the naughty list for what reason?

>> when it comes to return policies we're looking at them this time of the year. best buy 's struck us as stern. even if you bring a receipt or have a receipt you need to present a photo i.d. and they reserve the right to retain the data on your i.d. to track future return behavior and if it doesn't measure up to whatever their criteria are you maybe ineligible for up to 90 days .

>> they're trying to strikeout serial returners. it is standard industry practice. we move on, lorde and taylor got on the naughty list, why.

>> ? a sale is a sale is a sale. but they had one recently, the ultimate one day sale, 25% off except when we looked at the list of exclusions which numbered 70 categories and brands we wondered what was on sale.

>> indeed.

>> not much of a sale. let's end on a high note .

>> sure.

>> you put a bank on the nice list.

>> yes. citi banks citi simplicity card, they have late fee forgiveness. if you miss a payment there's never a fee which typically runs 15 to $35. of course repeated bad behavior if you miss payments if you're late will return your credit score and you'll probably lose your credit account but that's a nice thing, late fee forgiveness.

>> lands end gets a nice listing for a generous return policy.

>> you can return any item at any time for any reason.

>> that's good. finally for travelers, southwest airlines . why do you like this airline?

>> we're all flying this time of year, except when the storms come in. but airlines have to give you 24 hours to cancel a policy. basically they're telling you that you can switch your flight at any time for any reason and make that change without incurring a penalty. at some places that could cost you hundreds of dollars.

>> in other words, if there's a difference in fair you have to pay.

>> exactly. pay the difference in fairs.

>> my pleasure.

>> there a lot of companies on this list. if you want to see it go to consumer reports or our website