Prince Harry arrives in Antarctica

TODAY   |  November 25, 2013

Prince Harry’s Antarctic trek stalled by weather

Dangerous weather has put Prince Harry’s Antarctic trek with a group of wounded soldiers, an event to benefit charity Walking with the Wounded, on hold.

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>> in antarctica is impacting prince harry 's quest to reach the south pole . ben fogel is at buckingham palace with more. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, david. after several days of delays due to bad weather prince harry and a group of soldiers finally touched down in antarctica and they're a few days away from beginning their race to the south pole . their plane touched down on the ice and immediately the harsh conditions that can effect the antarctic were felt by prince harry and the wounded soldiers in.

>> six hours your morale can go -- it's pretty high to almost pouring over the edge and then suddenly rock bottom . the weather forecast , it's supposedly all right but seems to be getting worse.

>> reporter: the teams were able to travel into weekend but the weather meant much of their time was confined to being indoors.

>> 94.98.

>> 95. we round up.

>> reporter: with harry taking the weigh in of honorary common wealth team member actor dominic west . for tv vampire and team u.s. and other americans departure was delayed due to the weather in antarctica . they were finally able to depart friday. i arrived at the same base station five years ago for a seven week expedition to the south pole . while my weather on arrival was better.

>> we have woken up to hell. the wind is whipping and us.

>> reporter: we did encounter these extreme and dangerous conditions while out on the ice. for prince harry and the competitors, the weather continues to be extreme though they hope to leave their base camp by tomorrow before beginning the race to the south pole . well, despite it being summer in antarctica they're still going to face some pretty tough conditions. prince harry is going to have to work hard if he's going to grow a beard like this to protect his royal face from that cold which begs the question savannah, natalie, david, where's the beard. al, i'm liking yours.

>> yeah.

>> wow.

>> you can borrow some.

>> he just started that last week. that's impressive.

>> all right, ben, thank you