TODAY   |  November 25, 2013

Storm could impact holiday travel

As the busiest traveling week of the year begins, officials are monitoring potential storms that could ruin some Thanksgiving plans. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>>> you're flying over the next few days expect to deal with airport delays and cancellations as the storm makes it's way from dallas to d.c. and up the east coast . nbc's tom costello is at reagan national airport this morning with the latest on that. tom, good morning.

>> reporter: david, good morning. a balmy 25 degrees here in the nation's capitol. we have smooth sailing around the east coast and mid-atlantic but that's going to change in the coming days. 3 million people are taking to the skies. we have about 340 flight cancellations today according to flight 650 cancellations yesterday. so far today at dallas, 300 flights have been cancelled. that's about 180 departures and 104 arrivals. 170 american eagle flights cancelled as well. take a look at the cam from reagan international airport here in washington . so far today it's going to be a nice day but that's going to change in the coming hours. heavy rain and heavy wind across the mid-atlantic up into the east coast and we'll be watching closely, everything from washington to new york to boston. the mid-section of the country as well. chicago, st. louis. in the coming hours and days this is going to change dramatically with rain and heavy wind and snow as well. guys, back to you.

>>> tom costello in washington for us this morning. thanks.