TODAY   |  November 24, 2013

Andrea Mitchell: Iran deal might 'change global landscape’

After a round of marathon negotiations, the Iran nuclear deal could be a possible breakthrough for the Obama administration and have vast implications. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>> a little more perspective from andrea mitchell , our chief foreign affairs correspondent. good morning to you. as ann pointed out, there are vast implications here. how significant is the agreement?

>> it could be enormous. picking up on what ann just said, this initial agreement could well be the first step toward a landmark accord that would change the global landscape, change the entire region and the world, not only on the nuclear front, but eventually returning iran for the first time since 1979 , the community of nations. this would affect syria and the other neighbors as well. that is still a big if. there are disagreements today, erica, over what was agreed to. iran 's president and russia's foreign minister both said the accord ratifies iran 's right to enrich uranium. the white house says adamantly it did not. the truth is the final deal left that ambiguous. while this all came together very, very quickly, white house officials did confirm early this morning that top officials from the u.s. have been talking secretly to iran . dechity secretary of state, in fact, for at least a year in the persian gulf country of ohman, clearly they see this as a possible breakthrough and a major part of his legacy.

>> there are plenty of critics on the other side, not the least of which is benjamin netanyahu which we just heard him call it a historic mistake. what are the biggest concerns of those critics?

>> it's not just israel . but also saudi arabia and other leaders who have this historic shiite-sunni split with iran and don't trust them and threatening to go nuclear themselves, the saudis have, if iran does proceed with its nuclear program , the nuclear program that iran says is peaceful but the saudis and israelis say it is not. it's not only israel , but israel is, of kourcourse, the most powerful ally and the strongest political power here in united states there are many, many democrats and republicans, key senate leaders in both parties who are very strongly against this. they are going to be creating quite a fuss. the american people signaled in all of the polling on the syria potential of attack back on labor day that the american public does not want military action . without military action to stop iran's nuclear program diplomacy, the white house would argue is the only solution.

>> andrea mitchell this morning, thank