TODAY   |  November 23, 2013

Cuddling shelter dogs find new home

Two puppies have been melting hearts everywhere after a photo of them embracing while asleep went viral. The puppies are brothers, and are inseparable thanks to a unique bond they share. They now have a forever home. TODAY’s Erica Hill and Lester Holt met the famous brothers.

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>>> style when you see the picture of these two sweet puppies hugging each other as they sleep. it was posted to find the two dogs a new home together. they had been abandoned in the street.

>> jeffrey is blind and depends on jeremy to be his seeing eye guide dog . operation ava in philadelphia hope to find the dogs a good home and they did. jonathan and veronica are the proud new parents of the puppies puppies. good morning to all of you. thanks so much for coming on. tell me who is who here.

>> we have germane here and the seeing eye dog for jeffrey .

>> what canever see or not see?

>> jeffrey is completely blind in the left eye and he can see some shadow in the right eye. he just had a surgeon checkim out and they belve it is a permanent condition but there is some --

>> his nose works very well!

>> other senses that he has relied on as well as his brother.

>> when did you first start to notice when they came in to you, when did you first start to notice the relationship between these two and the way they helped one another?

>> the first night they slept together. slept like that picture the first night they slept together and that is how they sleep. in the morning we were wondering what was going to happen. all of a sudden, they were always touching each other. and, yeah, sorry, jeffrey . and jeffrey would always be around jermaine around his back side and jermaine wld always gear jeffrey in the right direction.

>> you knew they were going to have to be adopted together at that particular time.

>> we did.

>> you put this picture in the paper and your phone lit up?

>> it was amazing the response we got to that picture was just heart warming. i think everyone just fell in love with their devotion and loyalty to each other.

>> you get this overwhelng response but what made you decide these are the perfect parents for these guys?

>> well, really what mattered to us was that someone was looking for two dogs together, not just one dog and then decided, okay, we will take both of them. they had really thought it through very careful and there is an instant bond. when you saw them together, you knew that they were family.

>> jonathan and veronica were in an unfamiliar place for them. if we were to let them off and we are not going to do that, would jeff --

>> i keep getting them mixed up.

>> jeffrey and jermaine , would jermaine newsle him around?

>> he would. he would follow him. especially in the strange environment, he'll definitely kind of nose him around and jeffrey likes to make sure he is there so he'll give him a bump, give him a smell and kind of go off on his own. they find each other. it's amazing to watch them together walking around.

>> just as when you take your dogs out, they will brush up against you. they check in with each other. we were walking them this morning here in new york and they --

>> they are really sweet and congratulations for bringing them in. congratulations on your new family. we will be right back. you'reoing to hear me roar if you could see me

>> that does it for us