TODAY   |  November 23, 2013

Hate crime allegations on Calif. campus

In California, four college students at San Jose State University has been suspended in a hate crime case, and school officials say what happened on campus was “shocking.” NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> students on the campus of san jose state , university outraged after reports of a hate crime on campus. four classmates are suspended and accused of tauntsing their african-american roommate. it's behavior that school officials call shocking. once again here is miguel almaguer.

>> reporter: at san jose state university , protests and anger.

>> we are outraged with this. we don't appreciate it.

>> reporter: the district attorney's office says what happened on campus inside this dorm was a hate crime .

>> it's offensive and it's -- it's a sad case

>> reporter: today, four white students have been suspended. three face criminal charges for their alleged behavior against an african-american roommate.

>> his roommates dubbed him three-fifths in reference to a black man being worth three-fifths of what a white man was woh.

>> reporter: this police report indicates that was just the beginning. the african-american stunt faced racial slurs, a confederate flag and nazi symbols inside his apartment. investigators say the abuse which lasted weeks als got physical.

>> the roommates together put him into a u-shaped bicycle lock . on one occasion they put him into this u-shaped lock and left him in there five to ten minutes.

>> reporter: the victim's parents alerted school officia after visit is hig dorm room . in a statement they say we are deeply disturbed by the horrific behaviors that have taken place against our son.

>> this is pretty outrageous. it's sad. it's sh in my words, disgusting. it's behavior that is shocking to see that still occurs in 2013 .

>> reporter: this morning, three students face missed hate crimes and battery charges. in the meantime, the unidentified victim remains enrolled in sn staan jose state as the campus rallies behind him. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los