TODAY   |  November 23, 2013

Wild weather threatens holiday travel plans

Winter storm advisories are in effect throughout the country, with an ice storm possible in Texas and possible snow in Oklahoma. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> looms.

>> oh, yes. it looks like it's in the east coast by the time we get to wednesday. right now, the storm is in the southwest. it's slowly moving eastward and bringing with it bitter temperatures and snow and rain.

>> reporter: nearly a months before the season officially starts, some part of the country are in the grips of wild winter weather . slick roads and plunging temperatures caused road closures across western texas . as rain and snowfall in nevada contributed to more than 250 traffic accidents across the state. in oklahoma city , a camera captured a truck spinning out. in northern arizona , heavy rain washed this biker away. and in california this week, high winds led to the deaths of three people and knocked out power to 60,000 people outside los angeles , a helicopter hoisted five people to safety after they were caught in flash floods . and along the california/nevada border, 100-mile-an-hour winds closed a ski resort on friday and what was meant to be its opening day . all this ahead of one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. now this storm is in the southwest. it brought heavy rain and record rainfall to parts of the desert southwest and it's bringing some snow toward flagstaff and the higher elevations. it is going to fill in across the day into parts of new mexico and io texas too, where we already have some ice across central texas right now. watch what happens as we go through the day today. the snow fills in all across parts of new mexico eventually moving into northern texas and the pink down here just north of del rio is where we have the ice and in the form of freezing rain and coats the trees and power lines . winter storm warnings and advisories are posted and 6 to 9 inches of know? albuquerque, new mexico . the big trouble spot is across north central texas where we could see a half annch of ice accumulate on the streets and power lines so a nightmare for anybody commuting tonight and tomorrow into the dallas area.