TODAY   |  November 23, 2013

Walt Disney’s family feud over $400 million

Two heirs to the Disney fortune are in the middle of an ugly family battle to control part of the entertainment giant’s estate worth hundreds of millions of dollars. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>> passed away at the age of 78 and the twin children of her younger sister sharon are in the middle of an ugly family battle that centers on control of part of the entertainment giant's estate worth hundreds of millions of dollars. ke taibbi has the story.

>> reporter: the world created by walt disney had a promo description ready. the happiest place on earth but it couldn't be more unhappy, the children of walsh daughter sharon who died in 1993 leaving trust funds for the two that fair father bill lund says have grown immensely.

>> robably in the 400 million dollar range.

>> reporter: it's lot of money.

>> that's a lot of money.

>> reporter: but here is the rub. according to lund , only one of disney's grandchildren is leaving her share leaving brad out and pits brad and his father against michelle and the trusts. they say it happene after his daughter suffered permanent brain damage from an aneurysm in 2009 and claimed three trustees managed to manage the trust immediately aspired to control the vast fortunes. the trustees say it's the opposite that lund is trying to gain control of brad's millions and that because of a chronic cognitive disability, brad couldn't manage the fortune due him. trust l. andrew griffin .

>> brad isn't titled to what he blefs is in his best interest and i'm entitled into a believe what i believe is in brad's best interest .

>> reporter: michelle under oath has seemed at times to defend her brother.

>> do you think yourrother is confident?

>> yes.

>> reporter: but she has aligned her effort to prove he could not manage the millions he is ed. as for brad, he says the trustee, who declined to be interviewed by nbc news, have given michelle her millions but withheld his in order to manipulate his sister.

>> she's being controlled by somebody who has got them under control but she is --

>> reporter: she's not in control?

>> to me, i don't think she is.

>> reporter: the trial scheduled for december could take three weeks. . the twins father bill lund saying it's about the money, but even more so about pulling his family back together. right now the family isbroken.

>> the family is broken, no question.

>> reporter: and you're 82.

>> yes.

>> reporter: and you like it to be unbroken?

>> i would.

>> reporter: the clock is ticking. that broken disney family is headed to war fare in open court over the legacy left by the creator of mickey and miniand donald duck and goofy and snow white and the mousketeers. not the legacy of smiles but the fortune of those smiles generated. for "today," mike taibbi , nbc news, los angeles .