TODAY   |  November 23, 2013

Chaos, confusion after LAX shutdown

Police drew their guns and ordered passengers to take cover inside the Los Angeles International Airport late Saturday night in a false alarm that came just three weeks after a TSA officer was shot and killed in that very airport. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>> about that false alarm at l.a.x. miguel almaguer is live at the airport with more.

>> reporter: the airport operations are back to normal. the all-clear given at l.a.x. late last night. although never a serious threat but plenty of panic and fear.

>> get down!

>> reporter: high powered weapons drawn, police sweep acrosstermal and search for a gunman as passengers dive at l.a.x. witheports of shots fired inside the airport, thousands scramble for the exit. chaos, confusion, and now a caller tells police a man with a weapon is inside neighboring terminal 4. an army of officers search and clear the airport. it's all a false alarm .

>> my first thought was we are going to be sitting in an airport locked down in this traffic and weren't not genth out getting out of here. it was chaos.

>> reporter: not a gunshot but instead a car that crashed into the terminal.

>> what occurred here was a hypersensitivity what occurred on the 1st that caused people to react in the way that they did.

>> reporter: friday night scare at l.a.x.

>> we have a tsa officer shot.

>> reporter: comes three weeks to the day a tsa officer was executed here. the first-ever killed in the line of duty. overnight, airport operations slowly returned to normal.

>> pretty mess inside so i was just happy to get out.

>> reporter: some 2 million passengers will travel through l.a.x. over the holidaidaholiday, the most in the nation. this weekend that crush of travelers are once again on the move.

>> everyone on the ground! everybody get down!

>> reporter: but only after a terrifying start. there was dozens of flight delays but no cancellations. because it's a busy holiday travel weekend, lester, the airport police say they have beefed up their presence.

>> like there is not enough stress to go along with traveling these days. miguel also