TODAY   |  November 23, 2013

New ‘Hunger Games’ film already winning rave reviews

“What a difference an Oscar makes,” said E! News correspondent Alicia Quarles. Quarles reported that star Jennifer Lawrence, has gotten a raise from half a million dollars to ten million as the success of the film franchise continues.

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>>> this morning in today's hollywood headlines, the latest "hunger games" movie catching fire is red hot and hugh jaman making a surpring post this past week.

>> alicia is going to take us through it all. good morning.

>> how are you?

>> nice to see you as always. the latest "hunger games" is catching fe and is starting off even better than expectations?

>> even better. the question will it break the november box office record set by "twilight" they had it at 142 million. this hunger games is supposed to bring in 145 million.

>> total or opening weekend?

>> opening weekend in november so this could break a record.

>> jennifer lawrence ?

>> hotter than hot.

>> what a difference an oscar makes. 500,000 she was paid the first "hunger games." and this one $10 million and depending how i does at the box office she gets paid even more.

>> we are in the wrong line of business.

>> i interviewed her on wednesday. she is still one of the nicest people in hollywood. she is so down to earth and cool and gets it so you root for her.

>> love a success story. tell me about hugh jackman . revealed he had skin cancer and he went online and did it.

>> he went to his instagram account and posted a picture of his bandage on his nose saying the cancer had bn removed. his wife noticed the spot and had him get it checked out. hugh jackman says i have this but you guys wear sunscreen. he made his diagnosis and warned all of us.

>> good reminder. forbes releasing the list of the highest paid musicians. number one is madonna.

>> lady gaga 180 million and the big difference is the tour. madonna did her tour. lady gaga canceled hers because she had the hip surgery.

>> totally confused!

>> wow. it's tough for her this year.

>> so taylor sft made the list and some surprises in there, cold play .

>> if you include the dead, michael jackson would be on top of this list?

>> and elvis presley . it's not about their music or concerts but also what they do. do they have clothing lines or clothing lines and tobey keith has a restaurant so tt puts him in the top ten. i thought how did he get on top? you research and it's about their whole empire. diddy is up there because of his branding and empire stuff.

>> have you to do restaurants and sing and do a catchg fire movie.

>> we have a lot of planning to do!

>> we have a lot to