TODAY   |  November 23, 2013

Turkeys run rampant in parts of NYC

“It’s not a good time of year to be exposing yourself if you’re a turkey,” said TODAY’s Lester Holt of the wild turkeys that can be spotted in parts of New York.

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>>> the streets and in people's backyards because there are so many turkeys. thee are, a, not the ones people are putting on their dinner tables and, b, they don't want them there. like a picture perfect turkey.

>> a nine-pounder.

>> these are wild turkeys on staten island .

>> people say they look beautiful but they need to go.

>> their droppings are not so beautiful to a lot of people.

>> if you start yelling, they will start yelling too. so if y're there, just go try it.

>> the way to get rid of them is not to yell at them?

>> no, because they join in and think it's one big party. i've been to a turkey farm. it's kind of fun.

>> really? i like when we find out these tidbits about dylan. maybe they need you