TODAY   |  November 23, 2013

Close to a deal on Iran nuclear talks?

The world is waiting with bated breath as Secretary of State John Kerry works with foreign ministers of five other countries to find a solution in the Iran nuclear talks. There’s a chance the discussions could run into Sunday as late-night meetings may continue. NBC’s Ali Arouzi reports.

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>>> a major breakthrough could be achieved today to curb iran's nuclear program with the arrival of secrery of state john kerry and other worldeaders in geneva just a few hours ago. alley ruby is there. what is the latest?

>> reporter: well, erica, that's right. all of the foreign ministers arrived here which could be an indication that a deal is imminent. they have been working late in the night. all side negotiating this deal. they have been trying to hammer this out and the indication that secretary kerry flew in early this morning is a big indication a deal is going to happen. they have been very tight-lipped bus and haven't given us any information about the deal, what is happening, which is also an indication that they are making headway. in the past, the experience show when they make statements to the press, things are not going well. the french foreign minister last time came here and broke rank with his counterparts and leaked the details to us and said that there was no deal before a press conference. none that have has happened here. all sides have also said to us on the sidelines of this deal that they are making progress, that gaps have been narrowed, but differences still remain. there could be problems with the iraq hard water refinery that has become a problem. i think the iranians want the western sides to recognize their right to enrichment, which could be a sticking point. but everybody is here. glued around the intercontinental hotel 'cha has immense security we haven't seen before and waiting for baitted brea breath to see if something could happen. this could go into tomorrow duri late night meetings tonight which is exactly what happened last time. erica.

>> we will be watching it here along with you. thanks.