TODAY   |  November 22, 2013

9 ingredients to jazz up your recipes

Allie Lewis Clapp from Bon Appetit shares nine ingredients you can add to your recipes to give them a tasty twist, including fig spread, sharp cheddar cheese and chia seeds.

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>>> if you're throwing a party and don't know what to serve, you're in luck. for the second year in a row, the editors of " bon appetit " have put together a list of exceptional ingredients to inspire your cooking.

>> here to share the 2013 seal of approval picks is ali louis, food editor at the magazine. how are you?

>> good to see you.

>> you scoured the aisles and came up with the best things.

>> basically this year we had all of our editors on staff, very, very opinionated, picky food people, tell us what they liked. and we started from there.

>> what were the picks?

>> one thing, this is a bunch of stuff you can use for hors d'oeuvres for the holidays. we loved this jam. you put out cheese and crackers for your ho-hum party, put a little bit of that on there and put it out every time.

>> gourmet.

>> a little something extra.

>> and these, we just love these. we tasted these against all the competitors too. sandwich, tuna salad , prosciutto, american made prosciutto from iowa as good as anything in italy. love it. love, love. and creminilli sausage made in salt lake city . surprise, surprise. and the cheese. the cabot cheddar we love.

>> hoda can have --

>> i'll just eat some.

>> this is a combination of grilled cheese with the spread on it and a little bit of chili, great holiday hors d'oeuvre. this, if you wanted to serve salami prosciutto --

>> good. i would love that.

>> oh, my gosh. yeah.

>> thank you. thank you so much. sorry.

>> that's okay.

>> one of the other things we like this year, we think it is the new sirracha is goto gum. it is sweet, spicy and has umame, the word of the year.

>> what's on that tray?

>> we made a great recipe for ribs. it is sesame oil and vinegar and you can have those for dinner, hors d'oeuvre.

>> what is the other one?

>> these are our favorite grits. they literally -- we called to get some for the segment and they said fire up the mill. and yet another package to new york.

>> here you go. clean it up, baby.

>> it is delicious. these are also made in the united states . so many of these products are local and --

>> sorry.

>> that's all the mascarpone in there making them delicious and creamy.

>> delicious.

>> that's good.

>> and after you've eaten all this indulgent food, we have healthy things. you can taste this. take my word for it. these red yeast -- nutritional yeast flakes .

>> i don't like the word yeast.

>> i know.

>> are you talking about that?

>> that's chia pudding.

>> so red yeast flakes have cheesy parmesan flavor, totally --

>> put it on popcorn.

>> popcorn, vegetables, pasta. and chia seeds --

>> you try it.

>> is it dairy?

>> it is not.

>> go for it, hoda. take one for the team.

>> right?

>> good.

>> i recently have come to the other side myself.

>> the texture is funky.

>> you get used to it.