TODAY   |  November 22, 2013

Groom that growth for No-Shave November

As No-Shave November nears its conclusion, Richard Dorment of Esquire magazine and Cutler Salons owner Rodney Cutler demonstrate on how to groom that scruffy growth for a great look.

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>> left for no shave november. while some of our guys have come along a little slowly, others have full blown beards and it's a challenge to keep them groomed so they manage well. here with the right way to clean up the scruff is rich. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> let's talk about what's going on with al here. it looks great.

>> you're going to need more than them to solve that one.

>> we need a therapist as well. it looks great but cleanliness is a concern.

>> it's a huge concern. you have been using your wife's shampoo in the shower and conditioner. the only hitch is that you're going to smell like roses.

>> i enjoy it.

>> you want something really mild. or you can use johnson & johnson baby shampoo which has a nice shine and detergent.

>> i'm past that point now.

>> well, you know, you can actually use like a beard oil which is great. just a little --

>> it's a moisturizer.

>> it's a moisturizer. it's going to soften the beard and as you get a little more grey in your beard, you need it even more.

>> smells like peppermint.

>> and softens the skin as well.

>> your partner is going to be hap happy.

>> willie will be happy.

>> it's all about the ladies as well. willie has a nice scruff coming in but it can get unruly.

>> curly and red.

>> you can keep it up a little bit, groom it a little bit. this is the gillette fusion styler.

>> okay.

>> all you want to do -- what we want to do is clean up the edges.

>> all you're doing is just cleaning up the edges. anything that hangs over clean it up, okay? now the other thing, the attachments are great. you have attachments you can put on and also just on the neck. what you want to do is just clean the line-up. you can keep it natural looking but if you want to create a line, you can sort of just go --

>> that's how adam levine gets that perfect three-day growth. he's trimming it up.

>> and the cheekbones as well. it's $20 and easy to use.

>> now, rich in about a week's time on december 2nd you're going to shave it off here live on the air. you can't just take a razor right to the beard, right?

>> no, you want to trim the whole thing down to a manageable length and prep it. it's going to soften up the whiskers. next thing is to add shaving cream but before at a put a little beard oil on to put on an extra layer of protection. then with the grain until you hit resistance and rinse out. you want to relather and do it again in certain places to clean up and maybe go against the grain but not any razor burn .

>> and you have after shaves and cortisone. is that to cool things down.

>> cortisone is important if you have problems with razor burn . just put it on. a thin layer on. it will absorb and lesson the you want an moisturizer after the fact.

>> i think it looks great on them. i vote for keeping it a little bit longer.

>> yeah.

>> you weren't supposed to shave your legs but you have been shaving them, okay? so pipe down.

>> mine are lasered.

>> lasered?

>> too much information.

>> who are you? dr. evil?

>> lasered.

>> thank you guys so much. maybe we'll have you guys back to help them shave. back in a moment, this is "today" on nbc.