TODAY   |  November 22, 2013

Giada shows how to make a turkey for 2

Chef Giada De Laurentiis is back in the TODAY Kitchen, this time with a special way to cook a complete turkey for just two people.

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>>> sits hardest part of cooking a thanksgiving dinner . a juicy and delicious turkey .

>> whether you have two people coming over or 20, giada has tips to make sure this is going to be your best bird yet.

>> yeah.

>> turkey for two.

>> yes.

>> you go to the grocery store, you ask your butcher to debone and butterfly a turkey for you.

>> they're willing to do that?

>> they're willing to do that. of course. they debone it for you and butterfly it for you and i always tell them to pound a little bit the breast. you can do it yourself if you like and need to get out aggression. put plastic wrap on top of it and then i season it with salt first. spread mustard on it and then a need it and it also helps the filling to stick. it's like glue really. a very flavorful glue. then i just put the toughing and that's kale.

>> this is kale with walnuts and stuff. you can actually stuff it with bread and sausage if you want to.

>> and this is a very healthy turkey .

>> i like the color. i like it when you undo it and you have great color.

>> this is a great idea.

>> in italy we do this with lamb. that's where the idea comes from. then you want to do the skin side up and you take some of these -- i'm the only one getting my hands dirty. just tie it up to keep all the stuffing in and then i throw it in a hot oven. 475 for 20 minutes and decrease the oven a little bit to 375 and continue the roasting for another 30 or so.

>> how do you keep the skin from burning?

>> you can put a little oil after the 20 minutes just add chicken broth and start basting it.

>> okay.

>> when you're done this is what it looks like and what the stuffing looks like. if you don't like white meat this might be something you're not so into. if you're just a few people this is a fantastic way to go.

>> or if your kids don't like turkey .

>> your kids don't like turkey ?

>> no.

>> make a mac and cheese.

>> chicken nuggets for them.

>> we have a 12 pound turkey here. what you want to do first and foremost is dry it up. dry your turkey well because you get this mushy meat layer.

>> right.

>> first thing is loosen the skin from the flesh and i like to put sage. what do you do? dry? wet?

>> i tried the wet brine one year and using butter and lemon and stuff underneath as well.

>> we only have 30 seconds.

>> salt.

>> paprika and pepper. dry brine it basically overnight and put it underneath.

>> massage the whole bird with it and put some on the inside.

>> there we go.

>> and dry brining makes it nice and firm.

>> how long does it take?

>> 475 for 30 minutes to 45 minutes. turn the heat down to 375 another two hours.

>> basting with broth. this goes inside.

>> go, go. shove it in there.

>> this is what you're doing.

>> i don't do stuffing. makes more flavor this is what it looks like in the end after two hours.

>> you had me until the aeromatics.

>> you don't like it?

>> but i like stuffing more.

>> but you make the stuffing on the side.

>> how do you make your gravy?

>> the stuffing dries out the meat because it sucks the moisture out of it.

>> yeah.

>> what was that?

>> that was the italian way of saying i'm right.

>> giada de laurentiis , recipes on