TODAY   |  November 22, 2013

New ambassador Caroline Kennedy is ‘picture perfect’

Check out this wrap-up of the week’s most memorable photos, including the path of destruction left by tornadoes that struck the Midwest and first images of Caroline Kennedy in her capacity as America’s first female ambassador to Japan.

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>> thank you, al. for the devastating tornado that ripped through illinois to the navy sailor that met his daughter for the first time t week was filled with memorable events.

>> those stories were best told by a single imagine. ricky, good to see you.

>> good to see you guys. how are you doing?

>> great.

>> let's start with a sad event in the state of illinois and throughout the midwest, tornadoes earlier in the week. particularly in washington , illinois .

>> this tornado took a three mile path through washington washington , illino, illinois . when i look at this, the first thing i think is not the devastation for the people that lost their home but the way that hurricanes and tornadoes seem to pick and choose. you have a house that wasn't touched at all across the street from houses that are absolutely torn up and the feeling a person will feel when they look over and say why them and why not me and the same thing that a person that suffered devastation feels and the questions you ask.

>> when you see that view from a helicopter it's like somebody took a bowling ball and just rolled it down.

>> that gives you the perspective when you see it from the air.

>> yeah.

>> as we remember jfk today and his assassination, his daughter caroline with duties as the ambassador of japan .

>> she is the first female ambassador to japan . this is a traditional ceremony where she shows her certificate to the emperor of japan at the imperial palace . it's an incredible photo. a japanese bow to say hello to her. this is a few day bfs before the anniversary of her father's death. it's incredible to celebrate this and see the photo.

>> on a little bit of a lighter note, this is for the ladies. adam levine selected people magazine 's sexiest man alive.

>> i don't know. i look at those two photos down here and i wonder are they sexier? justin timberlake and hemsworth. there's a bit of a backlash on the web about adam levine . i don't know why. he is on the voice. my mother and grandmother think he's gorgeous. so why not.

>> but also he's incredibly talented too.

>> well, he's the vocal coach , right?

>> he also worked out that perfect three-day growth of beard.

>> i'm trying so hard. you have to get the little clip on the shaver.

>> we'll have grooming tips for you guys coming up in a little bit.

>> are you good with the choice?

>> i'm a chris hemsworth .

>> oh, okay.

>> but i do love adam levine as well.

>> this is a navy sailor coming home and meeting his baby daughter for the first time. what a great shot.

>> this is absolutely beautiful. this is second class petty officer marcus harris . he has been deployed for nine months and he is coming back. this is so powerful. the sign that she is holding. i have waited all my life to meet you, daddy.

>> it's incredible.

>> the look on his face says it all.

>> it's absolute warmth. you can't imagine anyone more happy and poetic in that shot.

>> one adorable picture to another. we have this adorable little lion cub covered in leaves.

>> that's not fair.

>> that is cute too.

>> this is an 11-week-old lion cub in scotland. they have to give her more stuff to do all the time and one of the things they gave her was to play in a pile of leaves. i saw that and i was like i like to play in piles of leaves when i see them in marks.

>> if there's lions in there.

>> and she will be about 330 pounds. and in about a year they'll show case her on the park. but now she has to stay with her mother and get to know the pride of lions. they have 8 lions at this park.

>> thank you so much.

>> thank you guys. good to meet you.