TODAY   |  November 22, 2013

Connecticut couple near 81st wedding anniversary

John Betar, 102, and his wife Ann, 98, will celebrate their 81st wedding anniversary on Monday. John says the key to a successful marriage is to always agree with your wife.

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>> natalie. i love this next story. a couple married for 81 years in connecticut has been named america's longest married couple.

>> look at them.

>> they look fantastic.

>> john, 102 years old. he doesn't look 102 years old and wife, ann, 98.

>> she looks great too.

>> they're celebrating their 81st anniversary on this monday. they eloped back in november 25th , 1932 . john said we have watched the world change together and the key is to always agree with your wife.

>> yes, dear.

>> did you hear that? do you agree with that?

>> yes, dear.

>> agree with your co-anchor as well.

>> agree with the coanchor. good advice.

>> i love that.

>> she was supposed to get married to another guy but they decided to elope and drove off into the sunset and the rest was history. they were meant to be together.

>> all the changes they have seen. all the history they have witnessed.

>> november of 1932 , i mean, fdr had just been elected for the first time.

>> we were still coming out