TODAY   |  November 22, 2013

Roker to Biden: Co-host TODAY and I’ll give you $10

After hearing that Vice President Joe Biden had to borrow $10 to pay his lunch tab on Thursday, Al Roker, Natalie Morales and Willie Geist offer the VP $10 plus a platter of sandwiches if he will co-host TODAY’s Take with them.

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>> did you see the vice president biden moment? this is your guy.

>> he was short cash.

>> he was. he was buying lunch for everybody and the bill was for 56.25. he opened up his wallet. he only had a 50. so the restaurant offered the food on the house but the vice president refused and then turned to an assistant who actually had the cash.

>> $56.25.

>> oh, man, you got $10. i got $50.

>> take it.

>> no, i'm not taking it.

>> are you sure?

>> where's the debit card mr. vice president.

>> mr. vice president, i have a $10. i have a $10.

>> he's got it.

>> i've got a $10 for you.

>> al's your man. actually, we'll bring you a whole platter, we'll bring the deli here. we'll cater for you and your entire staff if you host with us.

>> have we heard from him?

>> no, it does not deter me in my quest to get vice president joe biden . we will come to you mr. vice president. we will do the show from washington. whatever it takes, we want you to co-host our third hour of today.

>> we're very aggressive.