TODAY   |  November 22, 2013

Hugh Jackman reveals he was treated for skin cancer

Actor Hugh Jackman posted a selfie on Instagram that showed him with a bandage over his nose, and he revealed that he had had a skin cancer removed. He advised his followers to get checked and use sunscreen. TODAY’s Matt Lauer reports.

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>> trending on instagram, a big hollywood star going public with a cancer scare. hugh jackman took to instagram posting this picture, a bandage on his nose. he had to have surgery to remove skin cancer . deb said get the mark on my nose checked, boy, was she right. please don't be foolish like me and use sunscreen.

>> that's so cool that he did that. most celebrities wouldn't have bothered.

>> absolutely.

>> it's a big blemish on their perfect face.

>> it's fitting because we have been raising awareness for men's health issues with no shave november. this is another important reminder. get screened for everything, skin cancer should be on your risk.

>> and all forms of cancer.

>> right.

>> and simple. it takes like a minute for somebody to look at moles and things.