TODAY   |  November 22, 2013

Cellphone use on planes? Social media cries ‘no!’

Carson Daly presents the results of an Orange Room survey asking if allowing cellphone use on plane trips is a good idea. The answer: a resounding “no.”

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>> plan for us all to use cell phones on planes.

>> it's a terrible idea. the country is unanimous. listen to what we're getting. phones on a plane, i'd rather ha have snakes on a plane .

>> absolutely no. people can be rude enough already. your call can wait until your land.

>> no cell use on planes. we don't need people yelling can you hear me now at 30,000 feet.

>> can i just make a guess at that 4% that liked it, teenage girls .

>> yeah, that's true.

>> there are circumstances.

>> yeah.

>> also i want to tell you we have heather from a company called imagine think, as we are live doing the news this morning, she is a graphic facile tator. we're live streaming heather's work. you can go to to watch her in action. it's fascinating. we're glad to have heather here today.