TODAY   |  November 22, 2013

Joe Biden runs out of cash for lunch bill, borrows $10

Vice President Joe Biden was a little pressed for cash yesterday and needed to borrow a few dollars to pay for ”the best sandwich in America” he bought for himself, along with the president and a few White House staffers. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> vice president joe biden got into a bit of a pickle on thursday when he went to pay for lunch at a washington d.c. sub shop. he happily ordered what he calls the best sandwich in america for himself, mr. obama and staffers but when the cashier told the vice president how much his lunch order totalled, well, he did have to call in for back up from his assistant.

>> $66.25.

>> do you have $10? i have $50.

>> no --

>> are you sure?

>> so he doesn't have a lot of cash on him. the vice president has to borrow $10 to pay for his order. he would not accept the owner's offer for a free sandwich. the best sandwich in america includes a lot of hot peppers . likes them spicy.

>> i hope he didn't charge interest on that debt. thank you.

>>> now mr. roker has the rest of his forecast.

>> that's why he's the world's vice president.

>> we'll offer him a platter of sandwiches if he comes here and hosts with us.

>> that's right. on the third