TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

James Brolin, KLG get quizzed about Barbra

The actor talks with Kathie Lee and Hoda about his new hallmark movie “Christmas with Tucker,” and competes with Kathie Lee on a quiz about his wife, Barbra Streisand.

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>>> he's built several homes, is a licensed pilot, has trained horses and was once a professional race car driver. we're talking about the very talented emmy and golden globe winner james brolin .

>> he's starring in christmas with tucker. he played a grandfather who teached his grandson important lessons about faithfulness and the power of love .

>> what he meant to you, what he means to you. i'm sorry you had to go back, but if there's anything i want you to grow up to be, it's a man of character.

>> oh.

>> i love movies like this.

>> me, too.

>> love them. so nice to see you again.

>> you said it all. i'll see you. what a nice introduction.

>> when you got the call from hallmark, you were immediately thinking maybe not?

>> i didn't know it was hallmark. here's an offer you got. can you read it. you know, having been a real, for some reason, sucker with lasse, you know, grant said i can keep you, lassie, now i'm grandpa, and there's the kid and the dog. i thought, how could you not? and the one thing, the one criterion i like is changes in a character in a movie. watching people grow up or change because of the movie or in the movie. and he didn't like dogs. he wouldn't have a dog around the farm for anything. so i like that as the beginning because by the end of the movie, grandpa loves the dog.

>> you don't see movies like that anymore. they don't make as many as they used to.

>> there's such a need for them. people are hungry for that kind of thing.

>> i was watching a very hot show the other night, watch -- should i say? i'm not going to say. a guy breaks a bottle against a wall. very graphic.

>> oh, wow.

>> jabs it into his ex-wife's neck.

>> home movies at my house.

>> yeah, so what you do is switch over to " christmas with tucker."

>> on that note --

>> sweet.

>> we're going to play a game. want to play a game?

>> you're a big barbra.

>> i'm a big fan .

>> i heard her, said she changed my life. we're going to call a game called who knows barbra better? which actress has the same birthday as barbra, helen mirren or shirley maclaine ?

>> shirley maclaine .

>> you got it.

>> you thought i was slow, didn't you? everybody thinks i'm real slow.

>> all right, ready? how many academy awards have barbra won and can you name them?

>> no.

>> careful.

>> she won best actress , tied with katharine hepburn .

>> how many?

>> one as an actress for funny girl . she won one as best song for evergreen.

>> you're right.

>> hmm, all i know is you go into, you know, the library office and there's no place to put anything on the desk. just 40 awards.

>> a tiebreaker.

>> what singer did barbra do a duet with for the song -- what?

>> wait until the question is asked.

>> you don't bring me flowers?

>> neil diamond .

>> she's right.

>> give him a chance to tie it.

>> that wasn't neil diamond . who was that person?

>> i don't know. how many films did barbra star and direct in?

>> jim?

>> three.

>> you're right.

>> tie.

>> she directed and starred in --

>> iental, prince of tides.

>> here's the tie breaker . what's the name of barbra's character in funny girl ?

>> sammy.

>> okay. one of my favorite movies of all time.

>> i gave you that one.

>> gave me that one.

>> did jim win?

>> i won.

>> you won one of your own cds?

>> is this liverom barkley? thank you. i'm not sharing.

>> am i through with this?

>> we love you. thank you for coming.

>> the movie is adorable. catch james brolin in " christmas with tucker" on the hallmark movie channel monday november 25th .