TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

Display your creativity on your Thanksgiving table

Lifestyle expert Evette Rios has some creative ideas for the Thanksgiving table for adults and kids alike, such as vintage family photo designs and a cornucopia place setting.

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>> from today your friends and family will be coming over for thanksgiving feast you are sure to impress with that wow factor.

>> lifestyle expert is here with creative ideas. good to see you.

>> i love coming on.

>> i love what you have done with this beautiful table. you will show us how to recreate some of that?

>> absolutely. some of the simple ideas is a gourd, you can pick them up at your local grocery store. i put a hole in it. that's bittersweet, it's seasonal right now. put it in the hole. spread it around. it's an easy centerpiece.

>> i never seen this, the bottom of a fall planter used for --

>> and cheerful. you get the bottom of the planter. i love the terra cotta . it has that earthy lock to it. you use that as a charger.

>> the vintage pictures. thanksgiving is all about bringing families together around the table. this is a great reminder of what we all have to be thafrgful for.

>> -- thankful for.

>> we used corks and paperclips. you can sick your family photos there. use whatever candle holders you have around the house and jazz up the table that way.

>> it's elegant, organic.

>> how did you get the candlesticks?

>> we will do that right now. check this out. this is oasis. it's just a foam that you can get from any floral supply.

>> foam ball.

>> exactly.

>> we will put these in water here. you will each make one. we will get a little crafty.

>> once you got it wet, jam it right into the top of that. here you go. so you are going to literally. it's so easy to mold it. push it right in there.

>> perfect. got it.

>> exactly. put flowers around. i picked some groans in my back yard. go out, get flowers. mums are terrific.

>> man, you guys are racing.

>> we don't have time for these segments.

>> how do you get a candle on top?

>> you jam it right in there. yeah.

>> that's a great idea.

>> there you go. al. oh my good.

>> not that kind of jamming.

>> i'm a very literal person.

>> it takes a nice soft touch.

>> when you say jam it i there. now gently put it in there.

>> gently put it n. i guess are you right. i'm sorry.

>> let's move on to our next project.

>> that is creating this floral bouquet.

>> this is a butternut squash . you will gently here.

>> okay.

>> you like this one, the jumbo.

>> we are running out of time . you slice that up, you get the idea.

>> so you can make a flower.

>> you can get the kids involved.

>> be careful with the knife, definitely.

>> with kids.

>> exactly.

>> what are you doing?

>> this is spaghetti squash . we are making a turkey with the horsdouvres you might want to eat, mozzarella, cheddar. this is palo and kenzie. you can skewering.

>> we want t get our little friend down here.

>> absolutely. so we've got cameron and sophia here. this is the kids' table. simple ideas, these are actually sugar ice cream cones , dip them in water, microwave them, make them look like cornucopias, make turkeys.

>> thank you so much. we are back in a moment. in is "today" on nbc.

>> thank you, guys. [ music playing ] . .

>> we got the greatest gadgets,