TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

This karaoke machine will make you sing like a star

Tech expert Katie Linendoll shows off some of the latest gizmos and gadgets on TODAY, including an app to help you pour the perfect drink and a karaoke machine that can make you sound like everything from an operatic baritone to a chattering chipmunk.

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>> throwings a party over the holidays, looking up new gifts. we dug up some new apps you might want to check out.

>> everything from a cocktail to a karaoke machine .

>> good to see you. we got some gems this morning. let's start with the perfect drink maker. this is $70 bucks. it's from brookestone, it comes with a shakier. there is a free app for android and ios. how many of us make a number of drinks and what kind of ingredients? this does it virtually step by step for you. i know you are a whiky drinker. we will do a tom collins , 1.5 uns of bour bovenl as you fill it up, if machine will fill up right will for you. pick it up. there we go. awesome.

>> lemon juice .

>> a little lemon juice action. 1.3 ounces.

>> it's coming. fair enough.

>> oh boy. okay. great.

>> next step, you can address it with your finger, opinion advance it. 1.21 ounces of simple syrup. that's that one awesome. can you see, you can follow it step by step . you have yourself a perfect drink. a cool cab fet feature, anything you have in your home, you can plug it in there.

>> very cool. this is every drop. a few spin on the water filtration system. a lot of filters are built right into the picture or into the water bottle . can you take this with you anywhere you go. go ahead. the water goes right through here. this is from whirlpool, five times faster tan the leading brand. through a gallon of water in just two minutes. one little filter here lasts you about two months, equivalent to 450 bottles of water you can take this gadget with you anywhere you go.

>> kind of an an log pinterest.

>> the bulletin board of the future. justick.

>> i never had a problem managing my bulletin boards . now no tape, no staples, no push pins. it sticks onto the device using electroadhesion technology, four aa batteries .

>> a big version here?

>> this is fun for the office, i like that one.

>> junk mail , nobody wants it. how to get rid of it?

>> fairy tale brownies? i'm going to pass. here's the deal. free app for android or ios. it's paper karma. you take a picture of your address, you scan it. and then you use the for the to automatically, it will unsub scribe you behind the scenes to all of this junk mail in your mailbox.

>> what is this called again?

>> paper karma ios and android, look at the ones i delete this week.

>> you get nothing now.

>> fan taft ec. paper karma. why? we want to foe why.

>> okay $10 the talking toilet paper spindle. this is amazing. i'm obsessing with testing my gadgets. for one week, al. saying here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. 3:00 in the morning, i'm pulling out a roll of toilet paper , it's al. water going on here? totally crazy $10 bucks. put the spindle in there.

>> here's water happening in your neck of the woods.

>> how long before somebody smass th thing off the wall

>> it's an amazing stocking stuffer.

>> this is natalie's favorite.

>> now she abandoned us.

>> this is the gadget of the morning.

>> this is from the makers of the guitar hero $299. it makes anyone sound like a professional singer. that's what we were missing earlier.

>> sound like a robot. you can sound like a robot.

>> that's cool.

>> does it make me sound like mariah carrie?

>> or if you want to get real, you go to something locate that.

>> there you go, al.

>> okay. so, the best way to demo this is to actually do a song. i'd like to introduce, willie, al, natalie, bohemian rhapsody .

>> break it down, nat.

>> follow the lead karaoke style. right close to the mic.

>> is this the real life ? is this just fantasy? calling