TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

How to keep indoor air fresh at wintertime

As winter looms, windows close and the indoors can get stuffy and stale in a hurry. Fortunately, John DeSilvia, host of “Rescue My Renovation” on the DIY Network, has some suggestions that are a breath of fresh air.

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>> how it is in fall and winter. the air quality in your home could really use some freshening up.

>> here to show us how to keep the air circulating is john desilva . john, good to see you.

>> thank you.

>> let's start with the most basic of all, throw open a window, it's freezing in your house , what do you want to do with that?

>> open up all the windows, crack it opened. let that fresh air into the house and it will really dilute all the pollutants in the house . this is important to do. a lot of people don't do it.

>> you open it a while.

>> 15 minutes.

>> move over to humidifiers. this is a great way to add moisture back in the air. some people are leery, you hear about the bacteria that can build up in there.

>> these are important. when you turn the heat on, it tuk sucks all the moisture in the room. these are great. these are kid friendly. they will do a room about 250 square feet and this one, this is great. you just put water in this, put it on top of a radiator, besides it t. water will evaporate. this is dprit as well.

>> it looks nice and classic.

>> about $35 bucks.

>> this is $37. this is $50.

>> you have to make sure you clean them out.

>> air filtration systems are nice. they can be expensive. is there a cheaper way to go?

>> this is $175. it will do a room up to 350 square feet . you got think about this as this belongs to the house . it's really important to clean that air in the house because a lot of people think that air pence the house is cloern than outside -- is cleaner than outside, in fact, it is the opposite. there is ten times nor pollutants inside the house than outside. so this is a great way to start.

>> do you want more than one of these if you can afford it in your house ?

>> like i said, 350 square feet . most houses are bigger than that. you have to get a couple of boy something larger than this that will do a larger area.

>> a natural source of oxygen to keep your home fresh and clean are plants. they look great, too.

>> go green. it's a natural source of oxygen and it really cleans the air. so you want to get something that's low maintenance, something that doesn't need a lot of light and a lot of water. so sheer another way to go.

>> you also talk about deodorizeing a radio. you. them to make their own natural deodorizers.

>> forget the commercial air freshenners. take two tablespoons of baking soda, five drops of an essential oil, two cups water, mix it. put it in your spray bottle . walk around the house , oh.

>> sorry.

>> keep going, he needs a little deodorizeing often.

>> that's freshenning the air. freshens the air.

>> fire it around in the air.

>> walk around the air. squirt it around.

>> spokeing of the the zone.

>> a ceiling fan is another way to circulate the air, right?

>> a lot of people only use kiel ceiling fans in the summertime. it's really good in the winter time . as you know, heat rises. you want to get that blade going in a cckwise position, right? that will suck the heat up to the ceiling and down the walls and it will really warm up the space. it can save you up to 15% on your energy bill .

>> right there, willie. right there.

>> john desilva , thank you. coming