TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

Dean Cain will be ‘Defending Santa’ in TV-movie

Actor Dean Cain, best known as TV’s “Superman” of the 1990s, talks about his new Yuletide TV-movie, “Defending Santa,” and joins the TODAY team for a karaoke tune.

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>> dean cain appeared in more than 100 movies an tv show , most famous for his 1990s hit show "lois and clark, the new adventures of superman .".

>> i love that scene.

>> nat nowe will startg in a new christmas movie "defending santa ." a man wakes up from a coma making an interesting claim.

>> what is your name, sir?

>> cinkle, kris , with a k, kris .

>> here are you from sir?

>> it's not so much where as it is a when, but i call home the north pole .

>> doan cain, noise to see you.

>> nice to see you, thank you.

>> you are mr. christmas . have you done a number of christmas movies .

>> i am trying to set a world record . i think i have about 100. no, i have about 20 or so.

>> we have the full catalogue.

>> christmas adventure the dog who saved christmas t. dog two saved christmas vacation . the dog two saved the holidays, frost giant , jingle bell , a dog for christmas , holiday miracle and defending santa .

>> those dogs are very important.

>> well, they're important to kids, if you have kids as many of us do, you will sit there and watch with your kid. my son will sit there and watch. when a dog starts talking, bornlgs he is right in. i love it. it's a great what i to tell stories and make a character not so much a human being . in this particular case with ve santa on trial. it's sort of a redo of " miracle on 34th street " a personal favorite. it's a lot of fun.

>> you play a sheriff, are you a nice guy or a tough talking sheriff?

>> i am a nice guy sheriff, a widower. when you presented with someone saying i'm kris cikringle.

>> your son, he's a man, you do as much as can you to be with him as much as possible as a dad.

>> 100%. i have changed my contrary, cut down on a number of films. even though i have done 100 and such, i will do them close to home and quickly. i like to be there. yesterday, i will be back home tonight and take him to school tomorrow.

>> you say you like tucking him n. at 13 i'm going through this with my son at 11, he doesn't want to be quite tucked in.

>> have him talk to my son, my son is dad, come on, it's time to go to bed, let's chill. i love that, it's 8:00 at night. so i end up getting up at 4:00 a.m . i lay down again it's 4:00 a.m ., i had a full notice sleep, what happened? he is my favorite human being on this planet. i would never change anything i have done.

>> what is his name?

>> christopher.

>> sweet. have you another really great project i got to ask you about the $10 million big foot boundtie. what is this all about?

>> it's simply, we take nine teams of two different, nine teams of two, they go out, they're big footers, squatters. they go out and look for big not. we have a series of field tests that challenge them to perfect their dna collection. we have two serious scientists. one from to the university and a crimetologist, these guys are not joeging. they are serious about it. we have hunters, squatters, it's a mix. i think the important thing other than finding the boast. is the interaction 2009 the teams. you are get real hunters and real squatters. they don't tend to like each other much. if they do find and they can prove through dna and visual evidence they win $10 million.

>> it's on spike. cool.

>> we got something we want you to help us try out. our own, this has been my dream forever and ever hear is to get a karaoke machine in the orange room . come on, guys. i picked a song just for you, i could have gone with katy perry another "roar." i didn't think you'd be no that. i picked a rock classic. okay. wait.

>> it's supposed to make you sound great.

>> hold on.

>> let's hope so.

>> sing tricks. it's called.

>> i'm hoping this works. [ music playing ]

>> come on, dean.

>> oh, no, this is all you. [ music playing ] sweet, from head to my photo yeah hey now wait. put some sugar on me put some sugar on me honey, honey you are my --

>> it is off.

>> it is.

>> we don't have the lyrics right. i'm sorry, folks. you will have to come back for karaoke.

>> i want her to sing sh.

>> brown sugar .

>> "defending santa " premiers this sunday 9:00 on central and the $10 million.