TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

J-Law spares no details about tummy troubles

The charming “Hunger Games” actress kept up her reputation for authenticity during her latest visit to “Late Show with David Letterman,” sharing (in dramatic detail) a story about a recent hospital visit, when she thought she had an ulcer.

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>> "letterman" last night.

>> we love her to death.

>> she went into deep detail when dave asked her about her recent medical problem. watch this.

>> i thought i had an ulcer. it turns out it was a falser. rrr. yeah.

>> what were the symptoms?

>> i went to the energies room. i had this bad pain for three weeks. you can only blank your pants so many times a day before you two to the emergency room , before you are like i mode to go to the hospital. but i just did this thing yesterday an indiscuss-a-something, they put me to sleep. it's clear when you first meet me, i'm a freaking head case, i'm crazy, i'm in there, what are these what does that mean? they were putting many eto sleep. i can see this stuff coming towards me, think of some place like an island the last thing