TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

Kat Robichaud: I’ll keep singing after ‘The Voice’

The latest contestant to be eliminated from “The Voice” talks to the TODAY team on the plaza about her experiences on the popular show, and says she will continue her singing career.

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>> speaking of music, say hi to kat robishow. how are you? it's always bitterswoet for us. we get to know our artists so well. you were the first instant dpaiv save last week. any regrets?

>> no, it's been an amazing journey , i got to know you, which is awesome.

>> you are one of my favorites, down the stretch, we didn't have too many females. are you a live performer, so great on stage, how was the performance overall?

>> it was amazing. i feel blesd to have this experience. there are so few people that get to do this. the fact that america saved me means everything. i am so happy how far i made it. i'm a rock 'n' roll check. it's kind of controversial.

>> you are a rock 'n' roll chick.

>> you are also a graphic's designer, will you stay with music or graphics deny?

>> music, of course, of course, i just love to perform. i love to connect with people.

>> you should be kat 's husband the exact opposite, the best couple ever. so good to see you. are you going to keep recording get it out there?

>> yeah.

>> you have legions of kat -kak as well. kat , good to see you. you can watch "the voice." . i have to go back to la for that right here, of course, on nbc.