TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

Try a delectable new take on Thanksgiving treats

Chef Giada De Laurentiis is in the TODAY kitchen with novel new spins on a few Thanksgiving dinner staples, including sweet potato salad with maple syrup dressing.

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>> we are back now at 8:51. this morning, with recooking with giada, reinventing your side dishes . good morning, nice to see you.

>> hi.

>> turkey is the star. i can eat it every day, side dishes make the meal, don't they?

>> or penguin, whichever.

>> you don't want to be cooking penguin. thosegies will be up here in a second.

>> yes, definitely turkey is sort of the star of the show. but i happen to love sides and as savannah put it, i'm not taking away the stuffing of touching the stuffing. we will deal with other things, vegetables, basically.

>> the way you do these sides, that i will appeal to the traditionalists who like the ingredients, these are for daring people?

>> it's no, i think the idea here being that something like this sweet potato dish can be made ahead of time. i'm trying to help people get to the point where they feel they can handle everything on time. sweet potatoes , salt. i put them in the oven until they are nice and tender. let them cool completely.

>> we should mention, this salad will be served room temperature or cold?

>> cold or room temperature . you can make it the day before or the morning of. it is out of the way or done. this is a bake mash. so you can add all of these ingredients, apple cranberries, pumpkin seeds or parsley.

>> i will make a fast dressing, yogurt, mustard, dijom mustard and maple syrup . you can make this simply. i bought the the maple syrup flavors, chrome myness. it's a little -- owe creaminess.

>> you put it in the fridge. i like to leave it in the fridge about 30 minutes . i take it out like 20 to 30 minutes before i'm going to serve it. it looks like. perfect.

>> see. okay. here you go.

>> thank you very much. brussel sprouts are my favorite vegetable.

>> really?

>> absolutely. no. 1.

>> that's kind of rare. bacon for sure everybody loves. this is the idea. you make a fast glaze, butter, add brown sugar to it. kayenne and salt.

>> you said you can use this glaze on chocolate ice cream .

>> een any ice cream , it's so good, it's butter, brown shoug ar, salt. we had two-thirds of a cup of bourbon. how do you feel about bourbon?

>> give me the chocolate ice cream right now. i love the bourbon.

>> add it off the heat because it can flame up and splatter everywhere i will leave you to mix that up. be careful of your outfit. it becomes this kind of a glaze.

>> i wish people at home could smell this, this smells really good.

>> we come to the securing of the brussel sprouts and bacon. i boil them to blanche them so they stayifies an grown. cut them in half, let them cool. take the big slabs of bacon not the regular breakfast bacon. you can get this at the specialty store or butcher shop . cut it up. put it in the oven about 10 minutes render it slightly, then you can help me if you like.

>> alt nate.

>> take them and go like this, ow, without stabbing yourself.

>> did you just stab yourself?

>> i did, thanks for noticing. a piece of -- bacon.

>> do you have a band aid ?

>> get me a skewer.

>> listen, those are -- if you want to try this. carson, go for it.

>> i love having carson, it eats, you are going to eat, too?

>> we need a brussel sprout .

>> wait. so you put them on the grill like this. you brush them with the bourbon brown sugar carmel. what do you think?

>> what's, natalie and i think the same way. this is a dessert, believe it or not cranberry soup.

>> eating bread crumbs.

>> great new takes on traditional sides for thanksgiving. giada, thank you very much.