TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

It’s a penguin party on TODAY!

John Downer and Phil Dalton of the Discovery special “Penguins: Waddle All the Way” visit TODAY with some feathered friends to preview the upcoming documentary.

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>> ready to see penguins like you've never seen them before.

>> camouflaged as realistic penguins , film-makers have been able to get up and close with these birds. it's a part of the discovery channel 's special " penguins wobble all the way." the cameramen are here with their penguin cam friends. good morning, guys. nice to see you.

>> good morning.

>> let me let you know i have the kind or species down, emperor of penguins from antarctica, rock copper penguins from the faulkland islands and penguins from peru. these are the guys in front of us.

>> that's a penguin chick, quite a fat one. that's what they're like. that's the big daddy or the mummy really.

>> the left side is pretty big penguins .

>> all have cameras in their eyes.

>> you introduced them into a real life penguins .

>> extraordinary footage. it was to see them as penguins see themselves. so these were able to go in among them, take pictures through the camera in their eye and pan and tilt and do anything.

>> did the real penguins immediately accept the fake penguins or did some camera penguins get their butt kicked?

>> some were quite curious.

>> he blends in.

>> just passing through.

>> the mane problem was, you know, one became very affectionate to one of the rock hoppers.

>> really? no wonder he is lying down.

>> he is having a rest.

>> i can resurrect him, if you like. let's see if it will work on live tv .

>> oh my gosh, it's crazy.

>> he can stand up by himself?

>> he had to be able to do that, you see, in the colony, it's a rough play, you get pushed around, if you fall over, he has to get up to deep filming.

>> these colonies are so tight literally, a human couldn't get in there to take shots if you wanted to.

>> it's density packed. we needed devices to get in there expengui sides, robots.

>> some of the emperor penguins started following your fake emperor?

>> yeah, as soon as we fell off on the march across the ic they got in line and followed. quite extraordinary. we western expecting that level.

>> i'm sorry.

>> i'm sorry.

>> in penguin's defense, they might not be the feistiest or most determined.

>> point well taken.

>> or looking charming as well.

>> you even put a camera in an egg, start?

>> in fact this peng when here has an egg. let's see if she will lay on coup. are you ready for this?

>> wow.

>> there we go.

>> it should have rolled out more.

>> on the ice it goes a little further.

>> it scoots on ice, i get the point. what's the most important thing you have learned.

>> we learned so much. the material we got, so much was new to science, for the emperor scientists, it was like ten years of research he said we captured, real new behavior.

>> how close did you have to get with the controllers to run the cameras?

>> the great thing is we could deploy them and be a kilometer away. we had these special glasss to see what the peng whens are seeing. it's great for camera work . we are a long way away . we are the penguins in the penguins , themselves, are fascinating. you goes as inventers and film-makers are genius, congratulation, fantastic.

>> he's looking at you.

>> you can catch the premier this saturday 9:00/8:00 central time on the discovery channel .

>> congratulations guys.