TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

16 half-siblings seek sperm donor dad on new show

Generation Cryo,” a new reality series on MTV, spotlight 16 half-siblings who team up to track down the anonymous sperm donor who gave them life. The cast talk to Savannah about the bond that formed among them during their search.

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>> we are back at 8:36. what does family mean these days? a new docu-series has people all conceived with sperm from the same donor as they band together to find and meet him.

>> we are having a huge family reunion .

>> they are the new modern family.

>> the jacobsons, clapoffs and baldins.

>> breana spiker and her 15 siblings around the countryere all conceived from the same sperm of the anonymous donor.

>> i have always been kind of curious, what is he like? am i like this because of my mom or am i this way because of this man that i don't know.

>> so earlier this yearhe 17-yr-old from reno, nevada sent out on a mission to solve the biggest mystery of here life, finding her biological father known as 1096 . her journey chronicled in a docu-series generation cryo.

>> i would love to meet you. so i'm going to try to find you.

>> with guidance from an organization called the donor sibling registry , she was able to locate her half sisters and brothers and recruit them to search for their sperm donor father. not all of them believe contacting the donor was the right thing to do.

>> i don't think it's in anyway our right is what i'm saying, to like contact him.

>> some of the kid are like, i don't want to talk too much about this with my dad because i don't want my dad to think i'm betraying him or anything leak that.

>> reporter: for eric jacobson the non- biological father , his children joining in the search for the donor has brought back some painful feelings.

>> it's a reminder to me that genetically, they're not my children, genetically, we're not related.

>> but breanna and her siblings say the emotional bond with the parents who raised them is much stronger than the goes they share with their donor dad.

>> i would be okay with never meet figure donor, but i wouldn't be okay with myself if i never at least tried.

>> nine of the people are with us. good morning to all of you. i'll start with you, bre, this starts with you, you wanted to search for your biological father . what are you hoping to learn?

>> umm, well, it's a huge part of all of us genetically, you know, and that i think that it's where i come from. there are a lot of things that i know i'm not like my mom in certain ways. so i am a curious person. i wanted to know more about myself by knowing more than what the profile we received tells me.

>> a show of hands , who here was curious at some point about who their biological father was. you are kind of saying sort of kind of not really?

>> you are on the front of it. there are so many sides to it.

>> paige, we saw you in the piece you weren't sure it was disloyal for a time to find him.

>> for a long time i didn't want to search for information, i was happy with my family situation. i had a dad i loved so much. i didn't want him to feel i was betraying him at all.

>> wendy the sperm donors do so anonymously presumably because they want to remain anonymous. is it fair for people to go look for that person?

>> right. that's great question. i think up until now, we have always looked at it as a donor's right to be anonymous trumps a child's rights to be curious. i think it's great to say when does a child's right come in. some are a little curious the ones who are, thoen they have a right to know half of their genetic ancestry and background.

>> who is worried how this would turn out? yeah, tell me.

>> i was always the one who wasn't very into searching for the donor. i think for both of us and anyone else raised by a dad, we are little concerned over what he's going to feel, but more than that, i was just concerned how i would be brought into it. because i didn't want to search. but what would happen if all my siblings found him or if i was sitting there and they fixed out information i didn't want to know.

>> whafgs your reaction when you realize you have this many half siblings , hooer is a big family and do you feel like family, jonah?

>> i feel like family, yeah.

>> yeah, we are all hanging out in our home rooms, hanging out, it's a great experience.

>> definitely.

>> so just i think, even if let's say we doan don't end up fining him or anything, this show has brought us so much closer together as a family and no matter what, nothing can break our bond. leak we all are just family and it's even though we have known each other for what a year, it's like when have known each other forever.

>> everybody collectively. yeah.

>> jesse, do you notice similarities, do you see physical similarities among all of you?

>> i do. i see some like facial similarities, very slight. but since i've known some of these kids for you know eight years or so, i can definitely tell now and just the way we act, the way we do things, that same, you know, musk, taste, foods, what we leak to do. so that's definitely, definitely the family thing.

>> wow, i'm out of time. bre, has this journey been worth it so far?

>> 100%, you know, my family, yes. 100%.

>> it's great to meet all of you. thank you for being a part of this,