TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

Pinterest now lets you pin dream vacations

As Pinterest prepares to release an interactive pin-placing option that lets you identify where a photo was taken, NBC’s Katy Tur talks to the $3.8 billion site’s founder, Ben Silbermann.

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>> now to one of the most talked about companies on the web, we are talking about piventerrest, nbc talked exclusively with the man behind it all, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. 53 million users, it's hard to imagine pinterest started from a young kid who leaked to collect bugs. one of the hottest companies, valued in the billions, $3.8 billion, outpacing twitter and facebook in content sharing. this morning we get an exclusive look at the latest innovation, which they just announced late last night.

>> this is the design studio space.

>> reporter: ben silverman the 31-year-old bug collector turned pinterest ceo gave us a tour of the company.

>> what is it like to find out the company you started that had 10,000 users a few years ago is now valued at $3.8 billion.

>> you know, i think that every day honestly when i wake up coming to work, i'm always just thinking, you know, how do we make the product better at letting people play out their future?

>> reporter: some call it lifestyle pornography. it's a place where anyone can gather web outfits to recipes and pen them to their own board a. pce where penners go to dream of mastering these salted caramels, decorateing that perfect house, that dream wedding. now pinterest says you can add dream vacation to that list.

>> we got this great button where you can start searching.

>> reporter: a new interactive map place pens list place a stage or a country, imagine a travel go ahead tailored just for you.

>> you with pin a place, a beautiful photo and make a plan based on that.

>> reporter: leak that picture, here's what it was taken, out of town guests, send your own best of guide even with this new rollout, pinterest still isn't making money . so how is it worth billions? well, the secret, it seems, is in the possibilities. so if i go to somebody's board at some point down the lean, go, i love that dress, i really want it, will i be able to boy it right will?

>> you have to wait and see. our goal is to make it any time you see a pin, hopefully you can take action and get information about that and maybe buy it if you are so inclined.

>> so that's how you make money off pinterest, mum's the word?

>> mum's the word.

>> he was a pretty shy guy i have to say. the big question is how will they make money off of this? they know they are going to, they don't want to share how.

>> they don't want to spill the bones.

>> no. once you get the hang of it, it gets fun. i have to say the map thing is cool.

>> it looks like a great thing.

>> can you see more of that on ""