TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

Will Ferrell toots his ‘Anchorman’ flute for Conan

Appearing on “Conan” Wednesday night as his “Anchorman” character Ron Burgundy, Will Ferrell gave an expressive jazz flute performance and claimed Rob Ford, the controversial mayor of Toronto, as a close personal friend.

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>> well, our favorite anchorman ron burgundy aka will ferrell stopped by the o'brien show. l ron was there to support a good friend who is having a rough time.

>> my dear, daerks dear friend, mayor rob ford of toronto is running for re-election and i hold him in the highest regard. he is the best. but he's asked me to sing the campaign theme song for his re-election. everybody's going off the dope end don't do anything stupid, rob everybody needs a second chance you want a piece of my heart ?

>> hello. a sassy turn on the flute.

>> i love it.

>> he's working. he's bingeing off the weekend.