TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

Airport’s bathroom signs make travelers LOL

The Jacksonville Airport is generating some buzz with aggressive bathroom signage that aims to make sure travelers don’t accidently step into the wrong one.

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>> talk about that. first, it's a secret to "a wonderful life ." maybe not, maybe not another angel will be getting wednesday any time soon.

>> that's because the movie studio that owns the rights is threatening legal action. parra mount says, you foe what, we haven't given anyone the go ahead for a new movie. it seems a lot of you don't approve anyway on our facebook page t. overriding feeling of a sequel can be summed up in three words, leave it alone .

>> let a classic be a classic.

>> all right.

>>> when we ladies head to the bathroom. are you used to seeing a seen on the door. you see this on a sign, not all of this looks like stick physical, right.

>> or triangles.

>> or whatever that is. take a look at what they're doing at the vaccineville international airport . they have the signs, the female icons there, art is getting a lot of praise on social media guy, don't worry the men's room has a similar looking deny. so what do you think?

>> as long as we don't walk into the wrong room. it's got to work.

>> as long as the seen they don't have in front of the bathroom is the being cleaned, find another bathroom.