TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

JFK’s grandson takes center stage

President John F. Kennedy’s only grandson Jack Schlossberg is stepping into the spotlight, introducing the Obamas at the Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony Wednesday. The 20-year old Yale student has said he has an interest in politics.

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>>> the white house ceremony to honor this year's medal of freedom recipients served as a reminder of one family os role of the nation's history and future. andrea mitchell joins us from washington. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, natalie, president obama paid tribute to john f. kennedy 's legacy by bringing together past and current winners of the nation's hhest honor, established by jfk 50 years ago and by helping pass the torch to a new generation of kennedys. taking center stage , jfk 's only grandson john schlossburg who goes by jack.

>> it is now my very doop honor to ask you to join me in welcoming the president and our first lady.

>> reporter: if 20-year-old yale student, introducing the president. medal of honor recipients , bill clinton and oprah. his grandson is now edged into the spotlight. at a wreath laying ceremony at his grandfather's grave site at his mother caroline's side, she has taken up her post, attracting crowds in tokyo as she rode in a ceremonyial carriage to meet the emperor. back home, they can't noip the resemblance to jfk .

>> my grandfather displayed his faith that our quest for knowledge and progress would not be deterred.

>> reporter: even in a plaufl youtube video promoting a college blog.

>> i think he is handling it very well, seems very measured and very cool and learned lessons from his mother, too.

>> reporter: jack has said politics interests him. at the jfk library last year he commemorated the cuban missile crisis .

>> today we are here for the bear witness to the past.

>> reporter: he is clearly well aware of his family's legacy, a tradition of service he may some day embrace.

>> i am sure we will see a lot of him, andrea mitchell in walk. thank