TODAY   |  November 20, 2013

How to make hash browns – with a waffle iron!

Dawn Jackson Blatner of Fitness magazine reveals some new and unique ways to use common kitchen gadgets, such as cooking up a delicious omelet or hash browns with a waffle iron.

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>>> we're all looking to save a little money and save a little space in our kitchen. so you're going to want to have some gadgets on hand that actually pull double duty.

>> well, guess what, the folks at fitness magazine put together a list of the best and the registered dietitian is a contributor to the magazine.

>> nice to see you.

>> nice to see you.

>> i'm so excited.

>> you have a waffle iron .

>> just waffles, i don't think so.

>> not anymore.

>> let's do the big reveal. you can make hash browns .

>> all you need to do is grate a potato into waffle. heat the waffle maker . a little oil, pop them in there. ten minutes. you have super crispy hash browns and we didn't fry them.

>> yeah.

>> and they have half the calorie of the standard version.

>> good and good for you.

>> could you saut? onions and mix them in.

>> look at that.

>> super crisp.

>> but you can also do a goof proof omelet. no omelet pan needed. eggs with vegetables like spinach. you pour it right in.

>> how many is that?

>> three eggs with a little spinach.

>> don't overfill it.

>> don't overfill. five minutes we'll have this beautiful omelet. great way to start the morning.

>> i like the voice you're using too.

>> i feel like you have to reveal this stuff.

>> but wait, there's more.

>> an infomercial right.

>> your rice cooker , you can do artichokes in your rice cooker . cutoff the top of the artichoke and rub it with lemon so it doesn't discolor and put a little bit of water at the bottom of your rice cooker with a steam basket and in 20 minutes you have super tender artichokes. you can do this with other vegetables too and steaming is way better than boiling your vegetables because it maintains a lot of good nutrition.

>> and then you can make barley.

>> it's the bud light commercial.

>> yeah.

>> this is good for you grains and all you need is two cups of a liquid. one cup and put it in your rice cooker and look what comes out. oh my gosh, good for you grains that are about two times the protein and four times the fiber of standard white rice .

>> how long did you steam it?

>> literally hit the cook rice button and it's ready to roll.

>> perfect. let's talk about parchment paper .

>> it's not just for cookies. you can make delicious fish. a little herbs. a little lemon. look at this for your culinary expertise. white wine .

>> nice.

>> and you tightly fold this into a package. you just roll it. roll the ends. put it on a cookie sheet and then about 8 to 10 minutes , 400 degrees. look at what you have.

>> the big reveal.

>> yeah.

>> good for you fish that is high in omega 3s.

>> the other thing is look at the clean up. no clean up.

>> at a french restaurant you spend like $45. you don't need to do that.

>> good for you parchment paper . chicken, you can use parchment paper to portion your chicken. it's sold in huge pieces. if you cut it into a three ounce piece and separate them and stick it in a baggy and keep it in the freezer and that prevents it from sticking together.

>> and using a potato masher .

>> this is a pastry cutter . look.

>> guacamole.

>> you need lime juice on these avocados so they don't brown.

>> i need one of these.

>> good for you guacamole, right?

>> i need some.

>> okay and you can use this. it has five blades. if i was going to chop these nuts on a counter with one knife, they go all over and it takes forever. this goes five times as fast as you keep it in a bowl.

>> portion control.

>> those are exactly half a cup. so it's perfect to snack out of and when you snack out of these little containers you will naturally eat less.

>> okay.

>> a little mist of oil, egg wi whites, pop it in the microphone.

>> dawn that was amazing.