TODAY   |  November 20, 2013

Mike Tyson returns Holyfield’s ear in new ad

A new Foot Locker ad shows sports icons living infamous decisions with alternate endings: Tyson returns the ear he bit off, Brett Favre learns when to walk away and Dennis Rodman’s ticket to North Korea is one-way.

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>> al and natalie. i love this new foot locker ad. it's gone viral. it features a series of famous faces in the world of sports living in a world where all is right.

>> take a look.

>> i'm sorry evander. it's your ear.

>> so mr. rod man, a round trip to north korea .

>> one way.

>> one way.

>> are you okay?

>> it's great. a man's got to know when to walk away.

>> yeah.

>> my ear.

>> i kept that.

>> one way. he said one way.

>> he's never coming back.

>> thanks.

>> all is right in the world now.

>> oh, so good.

>> i love the dennis rodman . bye bye .

>> i love that ad.