TODAY   |  November 20, 2013

Steals and Deals: Grab these holiday bargains

Jill Martin presents some deep discounts on items perfect for holiday gift-giving, including a Whish beauty package and a Kensico bracelet.

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>>> we are back now at 8:40. jill 's steals and deals time. discounts for your holiday shopping. maybe a little something for you too. jill martin is today contributor and editor for people style watch. so how does this work?

>> are people uninitiated at this point?

>> just in case there's one or two. go to right now. we'll link you to the retailers website. up to 90% off of some of our deals.

>> steak knives. you cook steak all the time.

>> constantly.

>> this is a great gift for you. beautiful. already comes in the gift box. the retail is $225. 9-piece carving set. one cork crew. so it comes in this beautiful black velvet lined case. all stainless steel . it's 73% off.

>> it's so hard to shop for guys and guys would like this as a gift.

>> people tweet me all the time about gifts for men. load up on these for the holidays.

>> sharp knives. sharp knives for men.

>> never know when you're going to need those.

>> what is this? beauty products ?

>> the retail $115 so you get the body wash here. this is the body butter.

>> okay.

>> so you have the body wash, the shaving cream, and it comes in this beautiful box already with the bow. i'm trying to get everything prepackaged. fans include ashley oleson and selena gomez . the deal 27.50. 76% off. this is getting good.

>> i'm sorry. it's early in the morning .

>> i got too much lotion.

>> okay. so that's great. and the bracelets.

>> the bracelets.

>> okay. i have them layers here.

>> cute.

>> you can tell. i love the layers look here. retail $85. and it's different ones are engraved. believe, live love laugh, lucky. everyone gets a different thing.

>> they kind of go with everything.

>> i love the layers look. this is great. retail $85. the deal 25.50.

>> towels, everybody needs these.

>> going into the new year it's so nice if you're giving a house warming gift just to have a fresh set of towels. the retail $84. it's a three-piece towel set. the bath towel , the hand towel, the wash cloth in a variety of colors just check online. we spell them out and i love this blue. the retail $84. the deal $25. 70% off.

>> so for $25 you get the set.

>> and it's all of these colors. you see the detail in the towels. just very pretty.

>> it's soft but not too soft. you know towels can be too soft. have you ever noticed that?

>> yeah.

>> it doesn't really absorb.

>> this is getting exciting. 320 to 360. the choice of three different sizes. dual spinners so they spin around in addition to wheeling them. variety of colors. retail 320 to 360. the deal $79 to $99. that's up to 75% off.

>> that is amazing.

>> we want 15 of our viewers to travel in style on us.

>> okay.

>> i'm going to go to the orange room and meet with tamron.

>> hi.

>> there's nothing in here. i'm just going to lift it.

>> okay so we're doing our caption contest again and 15 people will get this 21 inch blue luggage. so here's the photograph that we took this morning. and we're asking you to caption what we could possibly be thinking or doing here. you can see jill 's ensemble and you see mine and let us know and the best captions, the first 15 --

>> that we pick.

>> the 15 we pick you'll get this nice carry on piece for thanksgiving. i'm gone, carson is back. there's the hint about my luggage.

>> your boots go perfectly with that basket.

>> because they're made for walking.

>> ladies, thank you so much. we've got the knife set. the beauty package from whish. those bracelets. the towel sets. and the 8-wheel spinners from travel pro. if you want more information or have questions on past orders go to our website coming up