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TODAY   |  November 20, 2013

John Stamos: People magazine has been good to me

Actor John Stamos talks to Matt Lauer about being one of the men spotlighted in People magazine’s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue, and jokes that the magazine has been good to him over his “78-year career.”

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>> we told you that adam levine is people magazine 's sexiest man alive . the issue comes out on friday and includes more than 100 other guys including our next guest mr. john stamos .

>> hey. is that a snap on beard.

>> do you want to touch that.

>> i do. i love touching you.

>> not bad, huh?

>> congratulations.

>> well, people magazine have been so good to me over my 78 year career. every year they try to figure out a way to like sexiest guy that looks like he's wearing a wig but he's not really. but this year they said let's have a sense of humor about it and i said i'm in for that and as you can see we did sort of a --

>> you're telling them how you remain so sexy after the age of 50 which we'll talk about in a second.

>> right.

>> what are your secrets?

>> my parents are great.

>> you have good genes.

>> i have good genes. i'm very lucky.

>> you turn 50 in august.

>> how old are you?

>> 55.

>> you look better than anybody.

>> this isn't a mutual admiration society . i can't believe you're 50. i still think 33 or 34 years old.

>> should we make out? that would be weird.

>> halloween. that's all for halloween. seriously you have a very youthful appearance. did 50 bother you when you turned 50?

>> not really. i was excited about it. i had a great party. other than my father not being there it was the greatest night of my life . tom jones sang and the beach boys sang so i was really excited. it's hitting me a little now.

>> you joked a second ago about your 78 year career or whatever it is. you have been in the business how long now?

>> 31 or 32 years.

>> has it gone by in a snap or do you stop and remember each of the periods along the way?

>> it's gone by pretty fast but i'm just grateful. every day i'm just so grateful. i think what's made it's really special is i get to do different things and come to new york and do theater and television. music. i get to play with the beach boys .

>> i think longevity in this business is something that everybody would love to have and so few people can actually attain. if you were giving advice to a younger guy right now, that 22-year-old, you started when you were young. so give advice to that young person now, what would it be.

>> my dad said to me -- i started on general hospital when i was 18. i said what do i do, give me something.

>> he said you street the janitor the same way you treat the producer and that's what i have tried to do most of my career.

>> i can vouch for that. when you come here you're always nice to everybody in the studio and i think when you leave we always end up saying nice things about you. that's worked very well. your dad was a smart man.

>> thank you very much.

>> congratulations.

>> did you show sagget?

>> do you have the picture -- there were a couple of funny pictures for the issue.

>> there you go.

>> we did some like it hot. and that's bob there. look how beautiful he is in the dress. and that's me.

>> does this mean you're putting in an early bid for sexiest woman alive next year?

>> we could have a face-off on that. john stamos . always good to have you here.

>> thank you.

>> congrats again. and up next,