Image: Michelle Obama departs an airplane wearing gray shorts.

TODAY   |  November 20, 2013

Michelle Obama reveals biggest fashion regret

The first lady said at a taping of “106 & Park” that her biggest fashion regret was wearing shorts aboard Air Force One, because it caused “a huge stink.”

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>> first lady michelle obama looking stylish and picture perfect but in a new interview with bet the first lady admitted there was one particular look that she now regrets.

>> sometimes i forget i'm the first lady and i'm like running around in shorts. i know the first time we went on a family vacation i had shorts on getting off of air force one and that created a huge stink because people are like she is wearing shorts getting off of air force one. and i thought we're on vacation.

>> well, remember that happened back in 2009 . the first family, she said they were on vacation in arizona. it was over 100 degrees there. so that explains that. but the first lady was also asked about her first date with the president and she revealed more about their day long adventure than she ever has before. take a listen.

>> he layed it out. he covered every base. he took me to an art museum and then he was talking picasso. and then we went for a long walk and we went to see the opening of do the right thing, spike lee . he showed me his swag side. we had a deep conversation about that and we ended it having drinks on the top of the john hancock building in chicago. that was our first date.

>> wow.

>> yeah.

>> not a bad date.

>> yeah.

>> everything from picasso.

>> what do you do for