TODAY   |  November 20, 2013

Girl, 10, donates American Girl doll for troops

Jordyn Self, 10, gave away an American Girl doll she found to raise money for troops, and has already raised $1,500. The generous child was thrilled by a surprise she received when she visited TODAY.

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>> think we can all learn from. she accidentally found a christmas gift hidden in her mom's closet but instead of keeping it she decided to auction off the american girl doll. so jordan and her mom amy are with us now. ladies, good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> so, jordan , you're snooping around the closet. you find this gift. this little american girl doll was the thing you wanted more than anything else for christmas, right?

>> yes.

>> and so, how did you decide to give it away?

>> well, i saw the donation boxes empty and they weren't as full as i hoped so me and my mom brainstormed up an idea to put her in an auction.

>> why was it so important for you to raise money for troops, jordan ?

>> well, why wouldn't it be important? i mean, they don't get stuff that we get every day and it's really great that we can give so such a great cause.

>> i know your whole school is taking part in this effort to raise money for the troops. how much have you all raised so far?

>> i think about $1,500.

>> that's great.

>> are you surprised at how many people have responded to this, jordan ?

>> i am definitely surprised.

>> but mom, you're not too surprised at jordan and how generous she is and what a good spirit she has. you said this is just in her nature.

>> jordan has always been a giver. it's just what she likes to do. she has been involved in several different community service projects and she started it and has never looked back. she is happy to give it.

>> i know it was sage, right? that was the doll that was so important. so we have a surprise for you. if you look on our camera, we have not one but we have two dolls. so we are going to get you those. do you have a sister?

>> yeah.

>> all right. well, there's one for your sister too, okay?

>> that's amazing. thank you so much.

>> you're welcome. no, thank you so much.

>> thank you.

>> great job. thank you for having such a good heart.

>> bye.

>> great job.

>> really inspiring. by the way, you can learn more about if you want to contribute to jordan 's efforts head to our website