TODAY   |  November 20, 2013

Adam Levine is People’s Sexiest Man Alive

Tamron Hall talks with People senior writer Kate Coyne in the Orange Room about why pop star and “The Voice” judge Adam Levine was honored for his sexiness in 2013.

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>>> adam i know you're now sexiest man alive .

>> bring it on.

>> i want you to know i think you're beautiful for what's on the inside.

>> nice.

>> that didn't take very long. you know what was about to happen there. adam levine , people's new sexiest man alive is already hearing it from his friends on the voice.

>> yeah, well, tamron has the scoop on adam . good morning to you.

>> good morning, guys. i'm with senior writer for people magazine and we're thumbing through the pages of this edition. so adam levine , he is adorable but the sexiest man alive , how did he fit the bill? what's the criteria?

>> he's someone that women swoon over. if you have seen him in concert ever, ladies lose their minds and viewers of the voice have been shrieking over him for several seasons now and he has the sort of confidence we're looking for.

>> swagger.

>> yeah, a little swagger.

>> he cries at movies, can't wait to be a dad, and loves being naked.

>> yes.

>> how do we know that?

>> well, he told us. that is one of the ways we found this out but the loving being naked, even if he hasn't told us his instagram told us that and he got naked for us.

>> yeah, he did. a couple of the other guys on the list also naked in this but he is an acquired taste because of the tats.

>> the tattoos and more of a slender build. he's not quite as burly and brawny but if he is your type he is fully your type.

>> speaking of type, we have a survey on he is not the sexiest man alive . adam levine came in second. j.t., blake shelton , liam payne, chris hems worworth. i think you should have the brothers next year.

>> i think we did well. a lot of those names are in the issue. so even if adam isn't 100% your guy, there's other guys in there.

>> i think he's our cup of tea . what do you guys think?