TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Adam Levine: Sexiest Man Alive an 'interesting idea'

During Adam Levine’s interview with Savannah, he neither confirms nor denies being named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive of 2013.

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>> of other topics. the internet is abuzz. there's a rumor that you are on the short list to be people's sexiest man alive.

>> i don't believe you.

>> would you be excited about that? good resume builder.

>> no.

>> i'm just thinking would it be embarrassing or exciting?

>> i would be a lot of things. i don't know. it's an interesting idea. i don't know.

>> you don't know anything? you're not holding out on me right now.

>> i know nothing.

>> okay. i'm just looking to see if you seem like you're telling the truth.

>> how can you tell if people are lying or telling the truth.

>> i have no idea.

>> can you read me?

>> i guess we'll find out when the edition comes out.