TODAY   |  November 19, 2013

Martha Stewart takes heat for unappetizing food photos

The domestic diva is known for her delicious, mouthwatering creations, but her latest hobby of tweeting out lackluster photos of her dishes are making some of her followers lose their appetite.

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>> do you guys follow martha on twitter?

>> i do. i missed this though. apparently there's all the photos of the meals that she is preparing and her pictures prompting comments online saying some of these things don't look so appealing. they're grossed out by what they call ugly looking dishes. on sunday martha tweeted this photo.

>> that's unfortunate.

>> that's an iceberg wedge with homemade russian dressing . perfect salad for the onion soup lunch. well, here's the onion soup pic she tweeted out.

>> i think this is a joke. i think martha stewart is doing this as a joke.

>> really?

>> maybe she's been having the wine instead of the --

>> i think the lighting is bad. i blame the lighting.

>> i don't know. maybe it's a bad angle. it's not like her produced segments here where everything is so beautifully presented.

>> mushrooms sliced over broken rice and broth. fragrant and very good.

>> she needs to bring her food stylist with her.

>> when she tweets.

>> i think it's real. if i were to take pictures of the food i cook at night people would be like that is disgusting but this is martha stewart .

>> there seems to be buzz about my food picks. the onion soup was utterly delicious and the iceberg wedge devine.

>> i don't doubt that whatsoever.