TODAY   |  November 19, 2013

Selling your home? Give it some pizzazz with these tips

Real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran shares some home makeovers that can transform the curb appeal of your home, and may even raise the offers you get for it.

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>>> if you plan on having guests over for the holidays, you may want to think about boosting your home's curb appeal before everybody arrives.

>> you can improve your home's exterior without spending a lot of money. here is "today" contributor, brilliant woman, she has told us many times, barbara cochran .

>> i never said that.

>> no, you didn't, but you are.

>> there's a home in monroe, new york. tell us what you're not loving about this house .

>> this is a simple cape cod . probably the easiest house in the world to fix up. you have to clean that roof. it looks like it was singed in a fire. you have to fill in the lawn. add a big bush to the left of the big window. add that medium tree you see there. paint the shutters the same green as the front door. what a difference. and those big potted flowers. people tend to put miniature flowers. you need a big substantial --

>> that is night and day .

>> and that ticky-tacky fence off the front.

>> you helped the grass a lot.

>> yes, we did.

>> how much you think you've improved the house by?

>> the value? we spent $1,500. i would say it improves the value of the house by 5% to 8%. it adds up.

>> it sure does. let's go to connecticut. tell us what's the biggest no-no in this picture?

>> this is a box on a box on a box. gosh darn square. the first thing you have to remove, the mini pumpkins. remove the garbage. anchor it with this bold boxes. add a railing so you don't fall coming out. you see the walk way that is so narrow? you widened that. we kind of left that house blue. i thought it would look better in white. if i had a can of paint, i would paint it white.

>> how about louisiana?

>> it's a very different style house in louisiana, okay. that house when you look at it, you think it's a garage plus maybe a house on left-hand side. the the key to this house is making that door obvious. so one you can find it. we widened that pathway off the garage to the front door. we'll pop the color of that front door so it comes out at you. that makes a difference. brass catches light, makes things look shiny. we added the shutters to the left. we cleaned the drive way. we softened the white to a soft off white.

>> the red with the blue, what do you think? the red door with that blue?

>> you're complaining about it already? my god. all right, pick your own colors.

>> okay, let's go to arizona.

>> thank you very much, hoda. someone is polite here, thank god.

>> we're allowed to have opinions, last i looked. there's still a democracy in this nation.

>> now, we lost it. what do you think, we lost it. it's back again. we remove the rock formation in the front. bring the door forward. it makes it a house with a door -- we'll see that in a second. boom. so so that was construction you had to do, right right? the.

>> that will set you back about $2,200. the house has a door you can find.

>> also gives it more square footage indoors.

>> you're right about that, a bonus.

>> barbara, thank you.

>> thank you very much, barbara.