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TODAY   |  November 19, 2013

Craft your own Thanksgiving centerpiece

Chassie Post of brings TODAY viewers some arts and crafts project ideas to bring the generations together at Thanksgiving, including a popcorn turkey and a gratitude tree.

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>>> trying to decide how to decorate for thanksgiving you don't have to spend a lot of money on fancy centerpieces and table cloths.

>> that's right. you can do it all for pennies on the dollar. good to see you.

>> thank you for having me.

>> you have been getting crafty.

>> we love thanksgiving for the wonderful reasons but also for the crafting opportunities. there are so many crafternoons.

>> yes.

>> these are fancy pumpkins here.

>> these are. we did a major pumpkin make over here with just some flowers.

>> these are left over from halloween.

>> yes and a straight pin. these are daisies. they cost $3.

>> are pumpkins still good from halloween?

>> pumpkins are good -- well, maybe.

>> if the squirrels haven't gotten to them.

>> exactly. and you stick them in and start from top down and these are so fun. and could it be easier, seriously?

>> no, pop them right in there.

>> even beginning crafters will have fun with those.

>> that's cool.

>> i like that idea.

>> another great idea for a -- everyone looks so beautiful in candle light and it really sets the mood. so these are another great idea for centerpieces and it's just a bunch of popcorn poured into a vase or hurricane candle holder . so you guys come try one of these. you just take your popcorn.

>> put this in first?

>> no, popcorn first. pour it in.

>> isn't this easy.

>> so far.

>> and you just pop in the candle.

>> these are by the way not real candles.

>> no, i love the battery operated because i have little ones but you can go with the real candle if you want.

>> tie the string.

>> we've got the string and take your twine and take a leaf and stick it in here. you want to keep your jazz and decor on the container.

>> your jazz?

>> it sort of jazzes it up.

>> just stick some in there so you want to keep it on the outside because you don't want to get involved with fire hazards .

>> good call.

>> you can use a corns, pine cones , whatever you want .

>> okay.

>> let's talk about table cloths.

>> this is great, right?

>> but also for adults. it's the white table cloth and you take, you know, pens and you write your name and the year and sort of what you're thankful for and you can use this again and again year after year.

>> that's fun.

>> if you don't want to use a table cloth you can do little napkins. so you guys can write on there. check out how easy this is.

>> are these a special kind of a napkin?

>> no, well, cotton works best because it doesn't bleed as much and then also you want to protect your table. maybe put a piece of paper underneath it. this is fun and gets the party started when you ask people to write their deep thoughts on.

>> oh, yeah.

>> no, no, what they're thankful for.

>> how about the turkey.

>> that's cute.

>> we're all about napkin fancy too. napkins aren't just for wiping your mouth, they're accessories and jewelry. think of them as jewelry for your table. so we're all about these natural elements for decorating for the holidays. for a corn or paint a leaf gold. feathers. so glamorous.

>> this is a great idea.

>> it's a special way to make it look special.

>> a lot of craft stores you can buy it but the acorns you can just find.

>> this is our goal and the way to get there is so easy.

>> glue sticks.

>> glue sticks. a minipiece of corn. they're already powered up. you can put it on here and we just wrapped it with ribbon that makes it look more polispolished.

>> it will get going. you stick it on.

>> where do you get the little corns?

>> the farmer's market or online. they're so cute. this is one of the coolest wreath ideas we have seen.

>> kids table.

>> do you remember getting relegated to the kid's table?

>> some of us still do.

>> oh, that's so sad.

>> well, our goal for those sitting at the kid's table is to make the best table in the house.

>> this is a great idea.

>> it's a couple of paper bags filled with popcorn and these little turkey socks here super cute and if you don't have a table to sit everybody you can just get a piece of plywood and we painted it with chalk board paint. you can draw. it's a great way to have fun.

>> and lastly our gratitude tree. now this say great way to teach little ones what the holidays are about.

>> thanksgiving is about.

>> and remind the adults. everybody can get involved and they can read something during the dinner.

>> great ideas.