TODAY   |  November 19, 2013

Joy Bauer quizzes TODAY team on holiday health

The holidays can be a challenging time to stick to healthy diet and lifestyle habits. Fortunately, TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer is here with some tips, as well as a quiz for Willie, Natalie, and Al.

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>>> a lot of us will be watching our weight and with the temptation around the holidays it's hard not to blow the diet.

>> joy bauer doesn't want that to happen so she is here to help us make smart food choices.

>> you have a competitive quiz for us.

>> yeah.

>> i love that.

>> i'm going to test your thanksgiving triva. i asked people what they consume from a typical thanksgiving from appetizers to desserts. this is a snapshot average. so the question to you all is how long would you have to walk in order to burn off this entire spread.

>> how many calories is that?

>> 3,210 calories. it's between five hours, eight hours, or 11 hours?

>> depending on how fast you're walking.

>> i'm going in the middle with eight hours.

>> 11 hours.

>> 11 hours.

>> could you imagine 3,210 calories? so i think you may want to talk to the studio on friday.

>> okay.

>> the next question, is it true or false, if you are watching your weight you should always go for the white meat turkey over the dark meat turkey.

>> false.

>> false is right. so a lot of people don't realize that the dark meat turkey is just a few extra calories. so if you really love dark meat go for it. it's a great high quality protein just like the white meet. the real differ she yence is the skin. as long as you get rid of the skin you'll save yourself calories.

>> nice.

>> natalie , we need you to catch up.

>> i'm trying. i keep ringing but apparently late.

>> which thanksgiving side dish packs in the most calories? is it one cup of this green bean casserole or one cup of the sweet potatoes .

>> i'm saying the green bean casserole .

>> willie.

>> the other thing you said.

>> yes. so this sweet potato is more than double. 450. there's a lot of butter and sugar.

>> i just saw all the junk.

>> those are fried onions.

>> one of the easiest ways to slim down the candied sweet potatoes is instead of adding butter and sugar you sweeten it up with orange juice and maple syrup and one tablespoon of butter. it will be just as delicious.

>> that's tradition in our house.

>> the marshmallows?

>> yeah.

>> i love those marshmallows. now for beverages. which festive drink, this 12 ounce bottle or one cup of apple cider or one cup of eggnog?

>> pumpkin ale.

>> no, the cider.

>> it's going to be the cider.

>> natalie got it.

>> natalie .

>> the cider is 120 and what i love about the cider is its warm. you sip it, it takes awhile to actually enjoy it. so the beer -- the beer is 150 to 230 and the eggnog is 340. i have a great slimming eggnog. i'll tweet it out after the car. five cups of 1% milk and mix it with instant vanilla pudding and three quarter teaspoon of rum extract and ground nutmeg. it thickens up and it's fantastic.

>> no egg in here.

>> no egg at all.

>> only 175 calories and i'll tweet it out. so lastly, dessert. this pecan pie with whipped cream is the same calorie equivalent to 10 doughnut holes or 16 chocolate chip cookies or 21 hershey kisses .

>> 10 doughnut holes .

>> chips a hoy.

>> 850 calories. can you imagine?

>> take the pie.

>> if you eat the pie naked without the ice cream --

>> you have to take your clothes off to eat the pie.

>> i set myself up for that one.

>> what do you win?

>> a turkey hat.

>> wow.

>> awesome.

>> the gobbler.

>> thank you.

>> i think that was a bust.

>> we're back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc.

>>> kathie lee and hoda are here. what do you have coming up?