TODAY   |  November 19, 2013

Eliminated ‘Loser’ contestant: ‘It’s me time’

Craig Arrington, the latest contestant to be eliminated from the hit weight-loss show “The Biggest Loser” says he has no qualms with how his run ended and he’s inspired more than ever to continue changing himself.

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>>> to have the scales tip against him on the biggest loser. let's show you him before he began his journey. here's what's left of him this morning. good morning to you. you look fabulous. come down here. have to meet you. you started at 385 pounds. how much do you weigh now?

>> 265 pounds.

>> what do you want that t-shirt to say when this is all said and done.

>> 192.

>> so you were eliminated from the ranch. there was a controversy with the trainer giving caffeine pills. was it fair for the team to get penalized?

>> it was fair. they wanted to make sure it was handled fairly.

>> she stands by her decision.

>> yes, yes. so it is something we all can learn from. it was a good opportunity for the whole group.

>> now, where are you from?

>> wilson, north carolina .

>> you have been continuing with your exercise efforts. did i read you workout three times a day.

>> i am.

>> you have a full time job too.

>> i do. i start off at 5:00 in the morning and lunchtime and the afternoon. i have not stopped moving since i've been home.

>> you have your eye on the prize. there's an at home prize and you want to take it.

>> it's not just the prize. it's changing me. it feels good to do that finally.

>> what has it meant to you? you're somebody who as a youngster lost your father. is that something that you're thinking about as you go on this journey?

>> it is. my father is with me every day now. i didn't want to look back at that but he is with me every day. he has been that passion i need and fuel i need to keep going every day. i want to make him proud.

>> you have a lot of motivation including little kids at home.

>> i have a 2-year-old and one on the way in three weeks.

>> but they're not getting as much daddy time.

>> no it's me time. daddy time comes in february.

>> you can catch an all new biggest loser right here