TODAY   |  November 19, 2013

Cheneys comment on daughters’ gay marriage feud

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne, have issued a public statement expressing their disappointment in the publicity surrounding the feud between their daughters, Liz Cheney and Mary Cheney.  NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>> al, thank you so much. former vice president dick cheney and his wife are weighing in on a simmering family feud between their two daughters. andrea mitchell is in washington with that story. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. for decades the cheney sisters were inseparable at home and on the campaign trail but now their parents have had to intervene in a very public feud over same-sex marriage between their two daughters. one gay, one straight. the close knit cheney family also presented a united front until now. dick and lynn cheney issuing a statement about their daughter's public feud over gay marriage saying this is an issue we have dealt with privately over many years and we paying to see it become public. one thing should be clear, liz has always believed in the traditional definition of marriage. this just weeks after the former vice president told savannah it was a private matter.

>> is this causing tension in the family?

>> if it did, i wouldn't talk about it. that's a family matter.

>> reporter: for decades the sisters were campaign partners. the cheney family seemed to fully embrace mary cheney , her wife and their children.

>> i know that the people of wyoming do not --

>> reporter: but then liz jumped into a contentious wyoming primary.

>> 20 years ago we were raised here in wyoming and today we're raising our kids here on the same values i grew up with.

>> reporter: campaigning on family values but not mentioning her sister or her family.

>> i do believe in the traditional definition of marriage.

>> reporter: so when she spoke out on sunday.

>> i love mary very much and her family very much. we just disagree.

>> reporter: she wrote liz this isn't just an issue on which we disagree. you're just wrong and on the wrong side of history and adding either you think all families should be treated equally or you don't. liz 's position is to treat any family as second class citizens. mary cheney said it will be impossible for the sisters to reconcile until liz changes her position. now an unwelcome issue in liz 's senate campaign. the parents didn't want to go public but when they did it was for mary taking a private issue to facebook and potentially hurting liz in her campaign for the senate.