TODAY   |  November 18, 2013

Justin Bieber’s party gets rowdy; cops called’s Chris Witherspoon fills Kathie Lee and Hoda in on Justin Bieber’s all-night partying, Angelina Jolie’s humanitarian award and Alec Baldwin allegedly using gay slurs.

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>>> time for today's buzz, we get you caught up on all the juicy hollywood buzz.

>> from bieber 's all night partying to alec baldwin 's burst.

>> how are you?

>> happy monday.

>> what is bieber up to?

>> bieber , he just can't stop partying. he had an all nighter friday night. the cops were called three different times. 1:00 a.m ., 3:00 a.m . and 5:30. he had over 100 guests. one of them was reportedly snoop dogg . i don't get why snoop dogg parties with justin bieber .

>> we're very trendy here.

>> he wasn't arrested. wasn't that much trouble. but a crazy party.

>> how about those neighbors, though? why don't they --

>> that's who called the police.

>> they bring a complaint against him.

>> they filed a police report but no one is arrested.

>> because the police aren't stopping him.

>> if you're called three times --

>> that's so rude.

>> once i get. but three times.

>> they said it was great gatsby-esque.

>> rent some place --

>> in the woods.

>> yes. and don't bother your neighbors.

>> next, the governor's awards came out.

>> these awards are the precursor to the oscars. they're honorary oscar awards and some people call them the most press teethoustigious awards. one was given out to angelina jolie . oprah winfrey got it before. she's done so much work with refugees. her son was there, her husband brad pitt was there.

>> he's got maddox's old haircut.

>> it looks good. angela lansbury got her oscar award , nominated 70 years ago in 1944 .

>> and they cried apparently. he said i practiced this speech with my dog and i wept.

>> amazing ceremony. very special. no cameras allowed. very --

>> except for tom hanks .

>> tom hanks , yeah.

>> alec baldwin . alec was on the street, apparently using some anti-gay slurs.

>> he had a rough week. on thursday, there is footage that tmz obtained, went everywhere, of him chasing a photographer, saying something -- some people are calling them gay slurs. it sounds look a gay slur.

>> if that doesn't sound like a gay slur, i don't know what is.

>> msnbc postponed his show or canceled his show for two weeks just until he just kind of dies down. but he rode an editorial for the huffington post and said that, you know, he just wants to defend his family. all he wants is safety for his family. this should not be msnbc's problem.

>> did he claim he didn't use anti-gay slurs.

>> he said he said the word fat head and not the other f word . his daughter -- his daughter ireland baldwin tweeted over the weekend and said her dad is a good mom. everyone has problems. this is an issue that -- anger management.

>> it is. and, you know, a lot of celebrities go through this. it is not the way you act, it is the way you react. remember, hoda woman? learn to react to the situation.

>> they follow this guy. he is the most wanted on their list.

>> he said, i did not intend to hurt or offend anyone with my choice of words but clearly i have. for that i am deeply sorry. words are important. i will choose mine with great care going forward.

>> he said he would give up show business completely.

>> talked about possibly giving up show business if it means not doing any films, that sort of -- for the paparazzi to stop following him around, he'll do that.

>> the box office .

>> yes. "thor" topped the box office . the big story is "the best man holiday." the film cost $17 million to make, made $30 million, huge opening weekend. it was number one on friday. not over the weekend, but still a great film. and terrence howard , everyone is buzzing about this interview he gave with andy cohen over the weekend, talked about "iron man," he said basically andy asked him why aren't you in iron man 2 and iron man 3. he said robert downey jr . wanted more money and he was pushed out of the second and third.

>> his ex-good friend.

>> yes.